Vandoit Adventure Van: The Ultimate Tailgating Vehicle

If it’s autumn in Kansas City, there’s one thing on the minds of many sports enthusiasts: tailgating. Whether you’re a die-hard Chiefs fan or cheer on other fall sports, the right vehicle can make or break your tailgating experience. That’s where Vandoit vans come into play. These versatile vans are assembled right here in Kansas City. They are designed to be the ultimate support vehicle for all your tailgating and sports-related adventures. In this blog, we’ll explore why Vandoit Vans are the best choice for tailgating in the heart of America.

Local Pride and Sports Fandom

Kansas City is a city that lives and breathes sports, and there’s no denying that the Chiefs have our hearts. Vandoit, with their local roots, shares this passion for KC sports, making them the perfect choice for tailgating at Arrowhead Stadium. Don’t worry, these vans are not limited to just one team; they are the ideal support vehicle for all fall sports. Whether you’re cheering on your high school soccer team or following the Royals, Vandoit vans have you covered.

Tailgating Perfection

There are a few key features that every die-hard tailgater needs. Luckily for you, a Vandoit van includes these. Here are the top four must-haves for before, during, and after the game.

  1. The Gear Slide: Vandoit vans are equipped with a game-changing feature (pun intended) – the gear slide. This durable slide-out platform allows you to cook up and serve delicious tailgating treats right at your vehicle. Imagine grilling burgers, preparing hot dogs, or even whipping up a batch of chili and putting out a full spread without needing to bring bulky folding tables. 
  1. Audio Systems: What’s a tailgate session without some great tunes? Vandoit features top-notch audio systems that can be seamlessly transitioned to a PA system for rallying and getting pumped up with your friends, playing your favorite music, or listening to pre-game analysis and play-by-plays from other games. (We know you gotta check on your Fantasy Football team…) 
  1. Thule Awning: Missouri weather can be unpredictable, especially in the Fall. That’s why Vandoit vans come equipped with a 10-foot expandable awning. This awning not only provides shade on those sunny days but also offers protection from rain or unexpected snowfall. It’s a game-changer when it comes to ensuring the comfort of you and your fellow fans. Plus, it creates the perfect outdoor living room for watching the game on the TV mounted inside your van!
  1. Seating for up to 8: Vandoit vans can comfortably seat up to eight people, making them perfect for hauling all your friends and family to and from sporting events. No more worrying about fitting everyone into a cramped car or multiple vehicles. With a Vandoit van, everyone can travel together, creating camaraderie during the pre-pregame trip to the stadium! 
  1. A Strong Battery System: The van can power your television to watch the pregame events as well as keep up with scores while having a tailgating party. The van is also capable of powering any crockpot, electric grill, or even industrial urns for coffee or hot chocolate, giving you endless culinary opportunities!

There’s no better way to enjoy the fall season than with a Vandoit. These vans, born and raised in Kansas City, are more than just vehicles; they’re your companions. All features that are perfect for tailgating are fit for so many other activities as well. Vandoit Vans are tailor-made for sports and outdoor enthusiasts.

Oh yeah, and…GO CHIEFS!!

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