Life is better when others share your passion

Meet the friends and family you didn’t know you had

For some, A Camper Van can be a lot to wrap
your head around

A Community

Provides Confidence

Adds Purpose


Exclusive Apparel

Exclusive Events

Owners' Experience

A sponsored time for our owners to gather annually.

The Vandoit Community

Gathers Together

Whether it be our exclusive owner experiences or coordinating on the Vandoit Owners’ Facebook page (completely independent of Vandoit and run by owners) owners gather in some capacity every single month. You don’t have to travel alone unless you want to!

Offers Tips

Designing and getting your van built is just the first step. The Vandoit owner community supports and reassures one another by offering ideas, answering questions, showing their DIY tricks, and so much more. You are not alone.

Builds Friendships

Traveling together and sharing some of the best memories in your life ultimately builds friendships that share a unique connection not found or filled elsewhere. If you have ever vacationed or camped with anyone, you know the bond we are speaking of.

Facebook Group

The exclusive Vandoit Owners’ Facebook group does everything from offering tips, sharing campsites, offering support, sharing setups and so much more.