Frequently Asked Questions


Why the Ford Transit?

We began developing the Ford Transit passenger van and have recently expanded our product range to include the Ford Transit cargo van and the all-new Ford Transit Trail.

We choose the Ford Transit for several reasons including dealer warranty and availability, affordable maintenance and repair prices, quality, van availability and affordability. We own and lease all models, but we have a huge level of confidence in the Transit because we’ve leased hundreds of them since they started making them and they’ve performed very well. People love them. They drive like quality cars.

Watch the video below to hear from Vandoit CEO Brent Kline about why he chose the Ford Transit.


Why Passenger Vans?

WINDOWS = Natural light and viewing!

So many adventure vans don’t have adequate windows. 100% of our focus group, consisting of travelers and outdoor enthusiasts told us they like the option of natural light and the ability for their passengers to see nature while traveling! Since our custom vans are modular and allow for a kitchen pod, passenger seating, all your gear, or some setup in between, everyone can see outside and avoid claustrophobia, without losing options!

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By keeping the windows, you also get the safety of side curtain airbags where the passengers are! Without adequate window space, the options for plenty of natural sunlight and more viewing points are just not there. Windows give you those options– options are good!
why passenger vans

Safety Features

All Transit passenger vans come standard with driver and passenger front and side airbags. Transit passenger vans include a Safety Canopy System with a full-length, side-curtain airbag. Our design is set up to allow all of the airbags to work correctly.

The passenger vans also include factory, Department of Transportation, approved seating. 

Rear Heating and Air Conditioning

One major benefit of building on a passenger van is the factory rear heating and cooling that are in the van. This gives you the option of turning on your vehicle to heat or cool the van. 
why passenger vans

If having windows, carrying passengers in the rear, and rear heat and AC are not a priority, Vandoit now builds on cargo vans. Check out the all-new Moov!

More Frequently Asked Questions

The gray water goes into a removable tank for the 6 Gallon Water System and into a gray water holding tank under the van for the 22 Gallon Water System.

Yes, we have 3 shower set ups. Currently our water supply and water pump is at the back of the van for a shower from the exterior utilizing a mat and shower stall that hangs between the two rear doors. There is also the option to install an interior shower, which works with both water systems and drains through openings in the floor into a gray water tank under the van. A third shower option is the Evershower, which can be used inside or outside the van.

The factory warranty stays in full force. Ford employs the best engineers and runs the components through a plethora of safety and durability tests. We don’t compromise the integrity of Ford’s safety and engineering but rather compliment them. Our vans have the side curtain air bags and Ford safety tested seats. Unlike a class B motorhome, which would start with a stripped van and then add in components, we did not structurally or mechanically modify the van so our conversion has no impact on the manufacturer’s warranty– which is an advantage over most DIY or competitor’s vans.

Yes, at Vandoit you are able to obtain financing for your custom van. We have competitive financing available through our automotive group division. We also offer RV financing, which would allow you to finance for up to 15 years.

No. Ford no longer offers a diesel engine on the Transit. You may occasionally see a pre-owned Vandoit van with a diesel engine. However, it is no longer an option to order.

Yes, the gear slide can hold approximately 750 pounds. A ramp would be required for loading of most powersport toys. Upon request, Vandoit would provide an area for the ramp to hook into if needed. The flooring is waterproof, durable, and designed to handle about any type of spill. Also, the extended length DO package offers a larger gear slide and space for this type of equipment.

Yes, our engineering and design team designs and assembles 100% of the non-electronic conversion components. Most of the van components are exclusive and proprietary to Vandoit. When it comes to our solar system, our engineering team utilizes top shelf equipment providers and configures the system in-house. We have true off-grid smart solar with capabilities well above the typical solar system. With audio and video, we utilize equipment from very high-end, trusted suppliers like JL Audio and Vizio.  

We do not. We offer a high roof van which allows 6’4 standing height inside the van. We also offer a mid roof which allows 5’7 standing height inside. We also offer a roof-top tent which you enter from outside the van.

Vandoit gets our components and products from top shelf suppliers who have support in addition to Vandoit customer service support. These products carry their own warranty and Vandoit follows their warranty with regard to needed labor. The warranty of the actual build follows the warranty of the actual van. The warranty on the Vandoit upfit mirrors the Ford chassis warranty of 3 years or 36,000 miles.

Yes! However this depends on which power system your van has installed, and which Air Conditioning option. The length of time it can do so will also depend on the power system and environmental factors. If your van has an AGM battery system or 200 amp hour lithium system, you would need shore power to run the Air Conditioning. With 400 amp hours of lithium, you can run the DC powered Air Conditioning for an average of 12 hours on a single charge. The furnace utilizes the vehicle’s gasoline. Remember, on a passengers van, you also have the van’s built-in heating and cooling throughout the van.

Yes, Vandoit receives trade-in vehicles. There are actually many additional items we will take on a trade including boats, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, etc. Our Trade and Acquisition Manager will collect all the information and pictures for the item being traded in and work with financing to get a value for your trade item.

We utilize the extended length van for the DO package. The extended length van has the same wheelbase as the long chassis. The wheelbase is 148 inches. Due to the wheelbase being the same, maneuverability and turn radius stay similar to that of the long chassis. Additionally, the extended length chassis is equipped with dually wheels in the rear to offer more stability and a smoother drive than the long chassis offers.

Yes, we offer three different size Dometic fridges. Dometic coolers offer increased electric efficiencies, lower condensation, and more storage to occupied space ratio. Due to different clients wanting different size, wattage, and brands of burners, microwaves, or other kitchen appliances, Vandoit does not offer these accessories. It is up to the client to shop for these accessories. However, Vandoit equips the vans with the electric capacity to run these items.

Vandoit is a brand owned by Kline Van and Specialty Rental which evolved from Kline Motors, started by Woodrow Wilson Kline (Woody) in 1947, selling the brand of Kaiser Frazier. Vans and RVs have always been a part of the Kline Companies. Kline Van has upfitted passenger vans for companies for years. Check out the page “It’s A Family Thing” to learn more about how Vandoit started building custom adventure vans.

Modular means that components can be added and removed as needed. This also leads to the term “convertible”, as in convertible between an adventure van and family/passenger van. Almost all of the components (beds, kitchen pod, water tanks, portable hot water, etc.) in our custom van builds can be moved, converted, removed, and reinstalled.

We can change the color to whatever you want! We have partnered with graphic artists and a graphic wrap company so that we can assist our customers with making the van look exactly the way they want it to. Check out examples of our custom wraps here!

YES! Many van owners use their van as delivery vehicles, mobile offices, showcases at trade shows and farmers markets, and many more. We also have a commercial department that builds custom vans for a growing number of applications. Check out some examples of both commercial and small-business applications here.

Yes. Check it out here! 

We typically zigzag bungee cables across the front of the cabinets. This allows a person to reach in and grab their gear easily without having to open a door and also help limit rattle that typically happens when there is a door on the cabinet. On the all new Moov package, cabinet doors are an add-on option. 

We do not provide a WiFi system. However, with our power system you can run many different hotspot or satellite solutions. We can often install a WeBoost, Starlink, or similar setup for you if you provide it.

The 6 Gallon Water System comes with one 6 gallon removable Jerry can, but more Jerry cans may be added for additional storage. The 22 Gallon Water System holding tank holds 22 gallons, with an additional 1.4 gallons in the hot water tank.

Yes, a customer can utilize our customizable track system like an erector set to create whatever wheel transporting system they desire. We currently use cargo nets, hooks, racks, and bungee cords to hold wheels.

The answer to this question will not fit on a single webpage. This depends on which of our power systems you use, what devices you’re using, where you’re using the van, and additional factors. We have solutions that can power an off-grid life for days at a time and some that are good for just an overnight. Your guru can help answer this for you.

Yes! We can provide a full mobile office, or something as simple as a table for your laptop.

We offer Ultra Toil Rims with stock tires or BF Goodrich KO2 all-terrain​ tires.

Up to 8 people. Check out the seating options here.

We use the Ford Factory seating options. By sticking with their options, we can offer the same level of safety for which the van was designed.

Yes! The rear windows are tinted by Ford. We offer an option to tint the front windows or windshield as well. Plus, you can add perforated vinyl to the rear windows for added security and light blocking. Additionally, we offer thermal curtains that attach to each window.

We currently only build on new vans, which we provide. We order our vans direct from Ford to the spec we require. We also get you the best price on the van chassis with our fleet order discount.

Vandoit uses the Ford Transit passenger, cargo, and Transit Trail chassis. We offer medium roof, high roof, long, and extended length all with the 148″ wheelbase.

Another advantage to using the passenger van, Ford has already done some of the work for us. Utilizing the insulation they have installed and the insulating air gaps created inside the side panels and ceiling headliner, we can benefit from the years of engineering from Ford. Then, we add our foil-lined foam which is used in the aerospace industry. We chose this foam because it is lightweight, moisture resistant, and therefore mold resistant.

Many van builders will use products that can hold moisture and odors. Picture walking into an old trailer with that moldy-musty smell. We can avoid that! You’re taking your van to potentially all types of climates. You want something that will resist moisture and humidity. Humans (and pets) can get quite stinky! Our insulation won’t hold odors.

The way we insulate the cargo and Transit Trail chassis looks a bit different. We will update this page with more information soon.