What Our Customers Have to Say...


There’s nothing quite like pulling up to a remote, hard-to-reach campsite and enjoying everything a Vandoit build has to offer. Not only has our van taken us on unforgettable adventures across the US and Mexico, it’s a vital part of our business. We’ve driven over 75K hard miles with our 350HD Dually and it keeps on surprising us with its capabilities on and off-road. The VDI team is innovative, passionate, and authentic. They’ve been nothing short of extraordinary since we bought our van over 2 years ago.

"We had a dream to own an adventure van, only problem, we have FOUR kids. We researched endlessly and so many companies and models were not compatible with our size of family, plus with completely outrageous prices. Enter Vandoit to the scene and we were beyond thrilled with the modularity of the build and options available to us as a big family. The team at Vandoit were so incredibly helpful on our van build journey and made the process so smooth. They are hard-working, honest, good natured people and now we get to be part of their Vandoit family! We travel every other weekend and can fit bike gear, sleeping space, clothes, food, hiking gear and everything we could possibly need for SIX people in our dream van with space to spare. Having the van has made travel so much easier and we love being able to build memories with our children in our very own adventure van. Living the dream all thanks to Vandoit!"

Our family did extensive research when we were deciding which camper van build was right for us. With so many options, it took considerable time and effort to zero in on our exact needs and which company in the flooded marketplace could best fulfill those needs... and most importantly... at the right price point. In all of our searching we returned to Vandoit again and again. We chose Vandoit because they offer the most versatile product, and because the van is endlessly customizable and able to be modified as our family's needs transform and change. It was the product that first attracted us to Vandoit, but ever since our first call with VDI we have been consistently amazed at their kind and attentive customer service. They have bent over backwards for us in fulfilling our every whim and desire regarding what is possible with our van. They were patient and thorough as we asked what seemed like thousands of questions, and they consistently lived up to our expectations as we waited for our van to be delivered. Now that we have been enjoying our van for the better part of a year, I can say without hesitation that we made the right choice. The people of Vandoit, and their loyal customer base, feel like nothing short of family for us. Unlike other brands, the customer relationship does not end the minute the van drives out of the factory. This is actually just the beginning!

Mark Sortino

What a wonderful experience! My wife and I just bought a vandoit adventure van and couldn't be more happy. The folks at vandoit are incredibly down-to-earth, friendly, enthusiastic and totally customer oriented. If you're looking to purchase a conversion van and want the piece of mind that comes with working with quality, honest and friendly people who create highly reliable and safe products that you can count on, vandoit is the company you should choose!"

Thanks vandoit for helping me understand what it feels like to be a celebrity every time I step out of my van! The world seems to share my ecstatic enthusiasm for this incredible product every time someone passes by the open doors with a glimpse inside! It's truly the most remarkable van conversion on the market with a final product that's as much about style and functionality as it is about durability and performance! Imagine Pimp My Ride meets adventure vans in a way that's still incredibly affordable and the result is vandoit! Is it weird that I'm sleeping out in my van even when it's parked outside my house?"

Marshall Mosher
Thurston Willis

What a wonderful experience! From start to finish, vandoit out did themselves by thoroughly walking me step by step in the buildout process! After researching the market for camper vans/conversation vans, vandoit not only had some great design layouts but their prices were perfect for my budget! Especially being able to add and remove components along the way. With only a few weeks on the road so far, I couldn't be happier with my decision. My newly owned Ford Transit is exactly what I needed for my lifestyle and the many new adventures to come! Thank you so much vandoit for making dreams come true."

VanDOit builds the campervan in a way that isn't duplicated anywhere. The high-end power system, pneumatic bed platform, and slide out cargo rack are what sold me. They will work with you to get the various components and additions mostly the way you want it. vandoit offers features not found elsewhere. My vehicle features things like heated water, a queen sized bed, window insulation, extra air conditioning, rotating passenger seat, swappable 2nd and 3rd row seating, and even a removable kitchen sink. Working on the build sheet was made easy, choosing most of the features and seeing the prices was clear. Overall it is a unique service for a product that sets itself apart from the crowd with functionality and features not found elsewhere!"

Mike Lee

WOW! Friendly, Attentive, Honest, Hard working and Knowledgeable People. You made this experience a very positive and easy one from start to finish.We love our “Tank” of a van, can’t wait to adventure and make memories with the whole family in it for years to come.Thanks again vandoit you make a great multi-purpose vehicle"

Excited to start exploring with our new van. The crew from vandoit from start to finish have been enjoyable to work with. Their enthusiasm and passion for a great product and experience is evident with every step in the process. Let's roll!"

Todd Henne
Bob Caproso

Picked up our new van on Friday the 19th of July. It’s gorgeous! And, the service and walk-through (how to use all the features) has been fantastic! We had a few questions after leaving the facility late Friday night and put in a service tickets through their online service system, we got immediate help! Customer service is above and beyond expectations!"

Great experience start to finish. The information regarding features and components is first rate. Everyone at vandoit is so knowledgeable because they don't just sell vans, they own vans."

Tom Sherburne

Love my Vandoit, by are the best van I have seen on the market. Functional, well thought out with the best value in the industry. A few highlights: - High Grade Materials and Design; NO rotting materials, you can punish with dirt and water made with all metal, or plastic component for easy clean up and no worries about rotting. All components and electrical are standardized making fixes on the road easy to diagnosis and solve. - Adjustability/versatility all the component are adjustable because the design is based off a t rail system. infinite number of anchor points, all component are removable or adjustable. Use it as an adventure van, put seats back in and use as a people hauler, or as a cargo hauler. - Customizable; you get what you need and nothing more; you get to pick and choose your components to best fit your needs. As well, the vans are built to easily add components. you thought you didn't want but later find you do. - Value-best bang for the buck...we top out in price where other just start.-Service: family run business for third generation business. They care about the reputation and are customer focused."

I picked up my new vandoit van last week, and have been having a blast with it! Having seen one in person last summer, we knew this was the company we wanted to work with. Not only was the engineering well-considered, the options are flexible enough that we were able to customize the van to have all the options we wanted, and were able to leave out (and not pay for) the things we didn't need. My daughter had the week off from school, so we flew from Upstate NY to Kansas City, and were picked up at the airport by the friendly vandoit driver who brought us to the factory. We got a tour of the factory, and a full tour of the features of our van. It turned out better than we hoped! We drove the long way home, through 17 states, via Texas, Florida, and Delaware, and had a terrific time living in the van. When we finally got home and showed it to my wife, the first question was "where to now?"

Mike Wilgar
Kim Dedora

Awesome experience from start to finish!!! Our van has exceeded our expectations!! Highly recommend!!!"

These folks are truly passionate about building out quality and functional camper vans that can also be daily drivers. They have thought about and rethought about just about every feature. I am so impressed with my van and all the fun design elements. I'm also excited about all the possibilities for tweaking how we use it. I love the underlying Ford Transit...it drives and feels solid. The tour upon pick up was detailed and fun. Thanks for the whole experience!"

William Snider

I have looked for a camper van to replace my old syncro Westy for quite a few years. I came close to pulling the trigger many times, but nothing felt quite right. Then I discovered vandoit by accident on a google search. From that first call with Ted to the last handshakes with Brian Ian and Jared the process has been easy and a pleasure and the van is perfect. I got a Quigley 4x4 and the custom vandoit options that fit our lifestyle. I am very happy with my purchase and look forward to years of backroad camping under the stars."

Just, wow!!! We are completely satisfied with our high roof, all terrain tire'd beast. The entire buying process was a breeze, and the whole team took great care of us." ​

Amanda Thrower
Dennis Ocondi

VDI offers Midwest Hospitality throughout the entire process of the uplift. They listen to understand and make the experience fun and personal. After 6 years of DIY with my previous van I can appreciate the quality, value and many years of R&D VDI puts into a solid and modular build." ​

Just picked up my vandoit van. The build is incredible and the buying process was pretty quick. They even had a driver pick me up from the airport. Big thanks to Angie, Brian, Jared, Ian, Dennis, and Ted throughout this process."

Josh Saunders

I just received my VanDOit DO van and Jared and his team did a great job of putting together my vision of a dream camper van but they added many great ideas that made it even better. They really enjoy what they do and it shows in their product." ​

Just Picked up a van from vandoit, they provided great support through the van buying process. I chose to go with a van from the available inventory and the team at vandoit was very accommodating working with my schedule and needs. As far of the product is concerned their conversion vans are the best I've seen providing the widest range of integrated features at a competitive price. The number of options available paired with the integrated/modular design makes the possibilities seemingly endless. Overall, first impression of the product and the team has been a 5 star experience. Great team, great product."

Kyle Mannschreck
Matt Parker

Awesome experience! Brian, Alan and the guys at vandoit were extremely helpful in making my transaction fast and easy. I am very excited to hit the road in my new vandoit!"

Getting to meet the crew yesterday and see the factory and look in a few different vans in-progress was such a treat. We were already big fans, but we are REALLY big fans now. Not just of the amazing product that you make, but of your commitment to customer service, quality, innovation and functionality. Ian was so great to answer all of our questions thoroughly (we had a lot.) I'm so excited to get this opportunity to share about vandoit. Thank you SO much. We really appreciate you getting us such a tricked-out ride and giving us this chance to use it in person."

Keith Huffman

We love working with the friendly folks at vandoit and working with us on figuring out what options we needed or wanted along with helping us with our financing. Their van conversion is very modular and we love being able to pick and choose the options. The T-track system is very versatile and we have been making good use of it as we re-arrange things as we learn how we use the van on the road." - Ann Huffman @brbuddies ​ We had a great experience working with the folks at vandoit. They were very accommodating to our desired customizations and had good communication with us throughout the entire process. It's nice to have so much flexibility in what you have, or don't have, as part of the build."

Saw my new van for the first time and couldn’t be happier! Jared and Ian were great to work with, super creative in the process, and build was completed ahead of schedule. The new Power Tower is a great space saver and I can’t wait to start configuring for all the various sports - mountain biking, moto, skiing, snowmobiling and SUP. This thing can do it all. The vandoit namesake is truly appropriate."

Garyn Ramos
Gus Willis

Vandoit provides an amazing product at competitive prices in the conversation van market. Specializing in the Ford Transit, vandoit guides you through the build process step by step with every detail in mind. Their modular based extruded aluminum skeleton allows you to simply dream it and ‘DO’ it. Whether you need a van to support your business, looking to DIY or simply want a piece of the van lifestyle for adventure travels this company has you covered. The team is a pleasure to work with and support your vision every step of the way. I highly recommend VanDOit for all your conversion van needs."

This company is top-notch! We just picked up our van and they have thought of everything. It is very practical and comfortable."

Rob Hutchinson ​

Love my vandoit van. The owner of this company is a standup vanlife guy him self and will go above and beyond to make sure you’re completely satisfied."

I have been in my vandoit Ford Transit 350 for 4 weeks now. I am actually living in my van for 5 months and I am so thrilled with it so far. The guys at the shop took incredible care of me and I'm so in love with my van. I love the slide out bike tray, the on board air compressor for airing up my tires and setting beads on my rims, the instant hot water tank, the air bags that line the passenger area of the van for safety, the swivel front seat, hot water shower, the stink-less waterless multi-flush toilet, and the modular aspect of the extruded aluminum T track system. What I REALLY love is there's nothing in this van that can rot that will ever need to be replaced. I can't wait to live my dream this summer! You VAN Do it, too! I traded in my care and financed the van and build and its only a little more than my car payment was!"

Angie Hyndman @_helmethair_
Steven Schmitt

My experience with vandoit was beyond my expectations! Working with the team was was easy and they answered all my questions. Ian stayed late to walk me through the van as I arrived for my pickup later than expected. The versatility of the DO van is what I was looking for and have already made some changes to the configuration within the first week to fit my needs! With out a doubt I highly recommend vandoit!"

Love these one of a kind custom to you vans! The company is family owned and the team is made up of top notch professionals. Great people and great product."

ford trasnit
Anna Smith

Vandoit Caught our eye late 2018. Once we started talking with them about fulfilling a longtime dream of building an adventure van we have had only great experiences! From build-out, to financing, to the final walk through and delivery we've encountered fun, passionate, knowledgeable, helpful people. We are just beginning our adventures in our new van, but we only become increasingly impressed and excited by what they've built for us!"

Obsessed with my vandoit. Working with sales and the engineering team was as absolute breeze. We pin-pointed each detail about our specific build and got it done quickly, efficiently, and professionally.I highly recommend vandoit for anyone looking to try out vanlife or just interested in purchasing a larger, more comfortable (and affordable) mode of transportation."

Alex Toombs
Tyler Littlefield

Flew in to Kansas City, was picked up by a vandoit driver and taken to a great hotel, also provided by vandoit. This sort of customer service is what you get through the entire buying process as well as after you drive off the lot. They are quick to answer questions, which you're sure to have as you choose your build, and get to know your van. Finally, the product itself: what an awesome adventure rig! Turned out even better than I expected. Can't wait to take my DO model exploring!"

Vandoit is the place to buy your campervan. All the guys are very passionate about the product and making sure things are done right. A great experience with the entire crew at vandoit."

Dustin Miller

The folks at vandoit are simply awesome. From the first contact with Josh, through the production process with Jared and Shayna, to the Financing with Brian and the Van delivery with Ian - just amazing.
But what about the van? Again, I love this thing. Talking through the initial build and the many options, flying out to make a visit and see some of the options in person - excellent! They accommodated my visit and took the time to show me those options and answer questions about whatever I asked.

Why did I choose vandoit when there are many other quality van Builders? What do you want your van to be? Passenger van to haul 7 people and 7 bikes? NO PROBLEM! Camper van for you and your significant other? NO PROBLEM! Haul the 6 person relay team for a 200 mile running relay? NO PROBLEM!! Base camp for a 5 day bicycle stage race? NO PROBLEM!! Daily driver to haul your family? NO PROBLEM!! As their video says - 'That's Modular!!'I HIGHLY Recommend VanDOit!!"

Not only do they build the best, most versatile and highest quality adventure vans, they are the nicest group of people you'll ever meet."

Corey Fish

Great experience with vandoit. In an ever more saturated market, vandoit has found an extremely unique way to provide affordable, high quality build outs in a one of a kind, highly modular and customizable way. We had some pretty unique asks in terms our buildout and Jared and his team found a super ingenious way to make it all come together. To everyone at Woody’s Automotive and vandoit, thanks for an awesome van!"

Recently purchased an upfitted Ford Transit from vandoit. Awesome experience, super customer service, and fantastic product. They even had a driver pick me from the airport to take me to their facility."

Craig Cormany
Spencer & Sarah Martin

This has easily been one of the best consumer experiences of my life. The customer service and knowledge base from the vandoit team has been unparalleled for us. My wife and I have been wanting a camper van for a while to start a business with and to have for fun, but nothing ever really made us make the leap until I ran into vandoit. They are quite simply, the best adventure van product on the market. After spending a few hours on their site and talking to the team, I knew that we were going to own a van from them and now we do. It has been amazing and the customer service didn't stop after they handed off the keys. They have been amazing and continue to be so. I could not recommend the VanDOit team more highly for the quality of product and how they have helped our family and our business, VanLifeKC, throughout the entire process. Do yourself a favor and reach out if you are in the market for Van Life!"

We had the pleasure of picking up our new vandoit van recently and I am blown away! From the beginning of this project until now has been an absolute pleasure. I met the vandoit family in Monterey, CA at the Sea Otter Classic in the Spring of 2018. I spent almost a year discussing the van with them, deciding to purchase and then fine tuning the build and options. Each person I worked with along the way was extremely helpful, beyond friendly, and very knowledgeable. The excitement and anticipation of getting the van was actually dwarfed to how blown away we were on delivery day. When I walked into the vandoit headquarters it immediately exceeded all expectations.

Zachary Richter
Matt Fooks-Bale

"We picked up our Adventure Van from vandoit last week. It is a GO model High Roof designed for a family of 4 (and a giant Labrador). We immediately set off on a 5 day trip back to CA and got to experience why these vans are so great - temperatures in the teens, snow, ice and strong winds - the van was amazing! The K02 tires and Espar heater were two of the best options you can get - we tested both! The experience with vandoit was fantastic from start to finish - we would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a rugged, all weather Adventure Van."

Still not satisfied with the above testimonials?

“We’re a little late getting to this review, but it is necessary. This company ROCKS!! They treated my wife and myself like royalty. We arrived in the middle of the day after having not eaten for 10 hours and they bought us lunch!! <br>

They took their time going through the van with us and even made some last minute changes that we requested. And because we had to wait for them to make the changes we requested, they threw in a couple small nick knacks for “our” trouble. I’ve never been treated this way by any company. 

After we got back home (19 hour drive), I had some questions. They answered them immediately!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!”

– Andrew Jakubowitch

“Vandoit is a customer focused company that takes the hassle and outrageous cost OUT of the adventure van industry. They have solid vehicles with modular features to fit a broad range of activities and lifestyles. On top of all of this they still work hard to make each and every customer feel like they are number 1. Thank you Brian and the whole team!”

– Christopher Murphy

“We picked up our van last week and it is AMAZING. We were able to get something that fits so many pieces of our lifestyle. This van can obviously be used for outdoors and camping and because it is 4 wheel drive we can continue to use it in the Colorado winters. And I can actually stand up in it (I’m just over 6′ tall). Plus with the options for beefy tires and wheels, this doesn’t look like the run-of-the-mill van.

We can also take everything out and use it to haul equipment for our business and home, or put seats in to carry people (you know, like a normal van). So this vehicle is going to get used…A LOT. On top of the GREAT product though was the service. Every Single Person that we worked with on the vandoit team was great (better than great actually). They helped us find ways to save $$ on the project and you can tell that they really believe in what they are doing. Even the financing and paperwork part was more enjoyable because of the way we were treated throughout that process. They were as excited about the van as we were when we first saw it as they walked us through every part of the van. Even after taking the van, their team has been very responsive to questions. I could not ask for a better experience.”

– Steve Williams

“Awesome business to deal with. Very helpful in every aspect of designing your custom van and willing to resolve any issues that pop up from start to finish and after. The personal service to each customer goes a long way and the help in finding something in your own price range makes this company stand out above the rest.”

– Kenneth Markee

“Vandoit has been incredible. At every step of the process, they’ve made it as easy as possible for me to get into the perfect van for me for the best value. I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else.”

– Alex Dickinson

“Great product and excellent customer service! I rented a vandoit for a cycling event I was promoting back in April 2019. Over the course of the 3 days I had the van I did the following: Got a full tour of the van and all the features. There were a lot to cover! Drove the van through downtown Kansas City, the suburbs, and back and forth from the Ozarks (along with plenty of gravel roads). The van was easy to drive in all conditions. Loaded the van to the brim with food for the event. The various features, such as the pull-out tray made this super easy. Slept in the van after the event because I was too exhausted to drive back to my hotel. It’s not a temper-pedic, but I was comfortable and enjoyed having the ability to sleep in the state park where we held the event. Loaded the van with bikes and even washed a couple bikes using the water hose attachment. Again, great product and great company. I’ll be renting from VanDOit again!”

– Kent Woermann

“We shopped around all over and found that vandoit offered the best package and price easily. The whole experience from the test drive to purchase with trade in and financing to following up after the purchase has been great. Been driving our vandoit for 2 years and cannot imagine a better vehicle.”

– Volker Bicycles

“The vandoit is amazing!! We picked ours up today, and we are so excited to use it for all our adventures. Plus, the vandoit team is amazing to work with throughout the process. Thank you!”

– Laura Fox

“Vandoit is awesome!! From the moment I first heard about them I knew that this was the van for me. 6 Months later I traded in my RV, sold my Sprinter van and worked with the vandoit team to build my dream van. I am beyond words and will have a big grin on my face wherever I go in my new vandoit!!”

– Triston Arisawa

“Awesome vans and awesome people!”

– Hannah Glatter

“The best adventure vehicle on the market.”

– Andrew Chocha

“So far, our vandoit has exceeded all of our expectations! We researched a lot of vans before committing to vandoit, but no others compared to the versatility they offer. I can’t believe more companies aren’t building on the Ford Transit chassis. Customer service was top notch, and we truly felt like they made every effort to give us exactly what we wanted. We can’t wait to see where all it takes us!”

– Daniel Halpain

“Just picked up our van last week and love it! We were able to customize the van exactly how we wanted it. Everyone we dealt with was wonderful. They went out of their way to make sure that all of the details were right. They even came in on a snowy Saturday and spent 2 hours going over the vehicle with us. These guys are super excited about their vans and seem to love their job! Andy, Jared, Ian, and Brian…thank you for a wonderful experience!”

– Valerie W.

“So helpful and easy to work with. We had an amazing trip in our van. I had never driven a high profile vehicle before, but it drove beautifully. Perfectly fit our family of four. Whenever we had a question or concern, the company was only a text away to help out. Highly recommend and will rent from them again!”

– Jenny Hull

“I was fortunate enough to experience vandoit first hand while on a two-week getaway. Whether it was witnessing the first glimpse of sunlight in the US from the vandoit on top of a mountain, or watching the sunset while enjoying a movie with good friends on an ocean pier, the vandoit had the innovative, yet practical, features to make all of these memories a reality. The option to tailor your personal vandoit to replicate your personality and prepare you for your future adventures, sets vandoit apart. Everything makes sense once you meet the vandoit team. Every employee I have come in contact with treats each vandoit like their own. The VanDOit is built to last not just sell.”

– Kurt Rinehart

“I highly recommend vandoit Company for an adventure van. The company provides great options for customization of your recreational vehicle with a really great price. The process from start to finish went extremely well and we are excited to start our adventure all over the country.”

– Aiden K.

“I am very satisfied with vandoit. The functionality of the vehicle is one of my favorite things about it. It looks great but is very practical in how it uses the space in the van. The company has pretty much thought of everything you could want in an adventure van and has implemented it to perfection. In my personal opinion I think this is a “must buy” for anyone who values adventure and convenience. In the process of getting a van every employee I have talked to is the most genuinely kind person. I would recommend it to anyone. Great purchase.”

– Jantzen Ryals

“Just picked up my “DO” model over the weekend and couldn’t be more pleased. The people at vandoit are great. Dennis picked us up at the airport in KC, which made for a nice drive over to their facility. Jared customized the van to meet my needs and keep costs at a minimum and Brian made for a quick and easy purchase. I can’t wait to test out the Quigley 4×4 in the mountains, but my first experience in the van was the 13 hour drive from KC to Houston which was very comfortable in the vandoit.”

– Jason Berlin

“Vandoit staff was very knowledgeable about the functionality and cutting edge quality of their product as well as being very personable and straight forward in their dealings. Their innovative ideas and creativity blossoms in their vans, producing a product that is user- friendly for even a person like myself. In touring their facility I found their employees happy to work for a company that puts forth a quality product focused on meeting the adventure needs of their customers. Cool – Neat – Exciting – Fun to Drive – Above all “Quality” that sums it up. The only other thing left to say is ‘Do It in a vandoit.'”

– Darrel Rinehart

“I had been thinking about purchasing an adventure van for about 9 months and seriously researching for 4 months when I discovered the perfect van for me was made in my hometown of Kansas City. When I discovered the vandoit website I called to see if I could stop by their production facility, to which they relplied ‘come on out.’ I had a great feeling from the minute I walked in the door. Having not scheduled an appointment with a sales person I approached a worker and asked if I could look around. Zeff personally walked me thru the shop, introduced me to his coworkers(craftsmen and technicians) and showed me 4 vans in production and 2 completed vans. I was really impressed with both the process and the finished product. I returned home and immediately immersed myself in the website. The ‘COMPONENTS’ section contains an incredible amount of information via a series of YouTube videos. I scheduled a more formal visit with Josh & Alan. They were very helpful and spent as much time and as many visits as I needed to go thru the Build Sheet. They also were very diligent in the getting the ‘Badass Black’ van I desperately wanted. One month before my van was scheduled to be complete I was considering a significant design change (not an option from the Build Sheet.) Jared took time to discuss it with me, walk me thru the collateral impacts and made me feel comfortable in making the change. While it extended my delivery date, they accommodated my change without any additional cost. I even added a roof rack the week of delivery and they made it happen. I am totally thrilled with the finished product. Ian did a great job of walking me thru the van and how to use it’s many features. He is on ‘speed-text’ and responds quickly to my questions, even on Sundays. The aforementioned YouTube videos are also a great owners manual. The entire process was really fun. The guys are honest & professional. The product is top notch and at a great price point. I have taken 2 friends to visit the shop and recommend VanDOit 100% to any potential buyer.”

– Dirk Schafer

“I had the opportunity to travel in a vandoit this past summer to Colorado. 3 people, 3 bikes and gear for a week all fit comfortably in the van. We even had room to spare! The quality and attention to detail on the build on the van was great. Can’t wait for the next opportunity to take a vandoit out for another adventure.”

– Lucas Borkowski

“Very fun and exciting process to get our family adventure van! Highly recommended vandoit!”

– Robert Kirkhart

“Absolutely phenomenal people work here, and their vans are amazing. 5 out of 5, would vandoit again!!” – Annie Olson Kappelman

“This is an Amazing, functional, practical and affordable van. The Vans are well built and do everything an adventurous soul has in mind! The vandoit employees will work tirelessly to ensure satisfaction with amazing customer service!”

– Don Daly

“Vandoit has been such an amazing company to work with to develop our dream family vehicle. From start to finish it has been a no-nonsense straight forward experience. No hard press sales tactics, no bait and switch, just a small company that offers a badass van!
Don’t fall for the bait of other build out companies inflating their products but offering less: these guys are the real deal.”

– Samuel Johnson

“Awesome experience from start to finish!!! Our van has exceeded our expectations!! Highly recommend!!!”

– Kim DeDora

“Great custom van experience! High quality van and so much fun to take on your outdoor adventures!” – Allison

“Vandoit is a great company to work with and they produce an awesome product. Their attention to detail and commitment to providing a well-engineered van is apparent from the design of the t-track, gear slide, electrical system, etc.” – Dan Jay

“We have had our van for six months and what an introduction to vanlife! We are absolutely blown away by it’s awesome functionality, and can’t wait for each weekend so we can get out and discover new places and faces! The staff at vandoit have been completely supportive and professional in making sure our van is fine tuned to our exact specifications. Highly recommended!” – Brett Westerbeck

“Jared and his crew are top notch. They run a clean shop and are EXPERTS in their field. I’ve never met anyone who knew more about vans and has the resources that these guys do. We’re excited to work with them in the future.” – Meghan Steen

“Used a vandoit on trip to Colorado. We Constantly had people asking about it and there was plenty of room for 3 people, bikes, and gear.” – Julie Higgins

“The vandoit’s are awesome are so are the people that work there!” – Andy Lucas

“See these guys out at all the local and national cycling events. Knowledgeable team with an incredible product and service. Oh yeah, and they are actually cyclists too.” – Jesse Brown

“Superior products and people!” – Anderson Rentals