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#1 In Multipurpose Vans

Road trips don't have to be complicated

Make them Modular. make them durable. make them multipurpose.

Make them Modular. make them durable. make them multipurpose.

RVIA Certified

Ford QVM

NHTSA Certified

let's get started

how to buy a van

1. Spec your van

Pick your Vandoit model, chassis,
and components.

2. Build Review

After submitting your van specs, check your email to book a time for your 1 on 1 video call with your assigned guru. This is a time to ask questions, separate needs from wants, and get pricing for each component.

3. First Phase Draw

Just a 10% deposit gets you on your way to making your adventure EASY and gaining control. This also gets you first dibs on all inventory before it is released on our website.

What Our
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Am I Crazy For Wanting An
Adventure Van?

Am I Crazy For Wanting An Adventure Van?

No, you're not crazy! Vandoit Vans are great for:

Going where you want when you want

Weekend Warriors


Saving money on hotels

Families, couples, or solo travelers

Stress free adventures


Making adventures easier


Adventures Shouldn't Be Complicated.
Neither Should Buying A Van.

Adventures Shouldn't Be Complicated. Neither Should Buying A Van.

That's Why We Made A One Stop Shop.


With conventional and RV financing available, there are options available to fit your budget. With over 50+ years of experience, our team will walk with you each step of the way, educate you on the financing process, and make choosing your financing as simple as possible.

Trade Ins

We take cars, trucks, SUVs, RV’s…but also motorcycles, bicycles, computers, TVs and more! Our highly experienced appraisal team gets quick market value offers, so there is no hassle. Whether they are paid off or you still owe on them, we’ll make it easy for you! Whether you are trading or just want to sell it outright, simply submit pictures of your trade and fill out our questionnaire and we will take it from there.

Van Included

Your van cost is procured through fleet pricing, which makes the vehicle the lowest cost possible. Price is based on 100 to 1000 units built with the same options and colors with bulk delivery drops.

Buy A Van, Give A Bike

Every Time We Sell A Van, We Donate A Heavy-Duty Bike To A Person In Need. Providing Sustainable Transportation To Impoverished Areas Drastically Improves, The Ability to Receive A Good Education, The Quality Of Healthcare, Gender Equality, And Economic Development. When You Buy A Van You Are Not Only Changing Your Life But Others As Well.

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