Redefining Adventure Accessibility

Jeremy McGhee’s Inspirational Journey: A Vandoit Campervan Redefining Adventure Accessibility

In the world of adventure, few stories are as inspiring as the one of Jeremy McGhee, a trailblazer in both spirit and action. Jeremy, who is a wheelchair user, embarked on a remarkable 2.5-year journey with Vandoit, a company that specializes in crafting personalized campervans to meet the unique needs of its customers. This collaboration resulted in a campervan that not only facilitated Jeremy’s nomadic lifestyle but also played a pivotal role in his mission to enhance trail accessibility for other adaptive riders.

Jeremy highlights a game-changing key feature of  the campervan: “The biggest innovation is an open floor plan so I can turn around comfortably and easily inside the van in my chair. This is tough when considering working around the wheelchair lift and everything I need.”

In the crafting of the Vandoit Campervan, a nod to Jeremy’s needs went beyond the open floor plan. From a wheelchair lift to an easily accessible set of rocker switches by the bed, every detail was carefully considered.

Moving beyond the living quarters, the attention to accessibility extended to every area of the campervan, including:

The Accessible Bathroom & Water System:

Redefining Adventure Accessibility

Because of the essential nature of cleanliness and personal hygiene, the inclusion of a fully accessible bathroom in the campervan was not just a convenience but a necessity. The bathroom was also built to double as an extra platform to help Jeremy climb into bed after a long day of travel, trail consulting, or surfing.

The Kitchen:

Redefining Adventure Accessibility

Let’s explore how the campervan’s design extends its thoughtful accommodations to another crucial space—the kitchen.

Innovations in the campervan’s water system showcase Vandoit’s dedication to enhancing Jeremy’s self-sufficiency on the road. A brand-new 22-gallon water tank not only keeps Jeremy stocked for several days but also streamlines the process of dealing with gray water. Unlike the previous system that required Jeremy to navigate around his bike and venture outside the van to access and refill water jugs, this upgraded design allows for greater convenience and independence. With a gray water tank situated beneath the van, the complexities of gray water disposal have been simplified to pulling a plug, marking a significant improvement in the overall functionality of Jeremy’s mobile living space. 

Aluminum Extrusion Ramps for Wheelchair-Friendly Biking:

Redefining Adventure Accessibility

Jeremy is not just an advocate for trail accessibility: he’s an avid adventurer who loves hitting the biking trails. To facilitate his passion, Vandoit incorporated aluminum extrusion ramps into the campervan design. These ramps provide a transition for Jeremy to access his specially adapted bike, allowing him to explore the great outdoors with freedom. The ramps are made of extruded aluminum and simply hook to the edge of the gear slide for use and unhook for storage.

Adjustable Bed with a Touch of Innovation:

The innovation doesn’t stop there. Vandoit took customization to the next level with a hydraulic, queen size bed that raises and lowers with just the touch of a switch located inside and outside the van for easy transition. The bed not only provides comfort but also aids in pulling his bike inside. When not in use, the bed transforms into storage, creating space for other essentials. Jeremy even cleverly secures his surfboard underneath to free up floor space. These features not only enhance convenience but also ensure that Jeremy can easily navigate the living and storage space within the campervan, further empowering his independence on the road. 

Beyond the innovative design features, Jeremy’s journey serves a broader purpose. As a fervent advocate for trail accessibility, he tirelessly works to dismantle barriers and create opportunities for individuals, irrespective of their physical abilities. The campervan, with its thoughtfully designed features, emerges as a symbol of inclusivity, proving that adventure knows no bounds.

Jeremy’s 2.5-year process with Vandoit stands as a testament to the power of innovation, determination, and the belief that everyone deserves the chance to explore and experience the world’s beauty.  As Jeremy continues to pave the way for trail accessibility, his journey reminds us that the open road is meant to be traveled by all, breaking down barriers one adventure at a time. Check out his full van tour on youtube!

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