DIY vs. Vandoit


DO IT YOURSELF? We did the hard part now you get to do the FUN part!

We spent countless resources in research and development to get our van right for you to get creative!

While everyone may have their own ideas, we conducted focus groups, obtained feedback, and made modifications for years to make sure we are building the most versatile and modular van to suit the needs of almost everyone. By building the van in repetition, but keeping it customizable to the buyer, we are able to control quality and price.

We hired the engineers and took on the hassle of trial and error, product testing, and unforeseen cost overruns. What’s MOST important are the things you CAN’T see– like electrical connectors, wires, breakers, smart solar power, inversion, shore power, fittings, plumbing, switches– and we got all of these right .

We also got the things you CAN see right, both functionally and aesthetically! We studied van life blogs, did focus groups with travelers and outdoor enthusiasts, then let many of these same people use our custom vans to help us think of almost everything

Lastly, we negotiated hard with the best suppliers in the industry to drive costs down well below what you could “do it yourself” for, even when you factor in the mental hassle and free labor. This means cost-effective convenience with better technology, quality, functionality, and an unbeatable finished look.

DIY FUN? Yes, since our framework is built from a marine-grade adaptable, customizable track system, you can do the fun part and create any configuration you want for each use. Our modular system is like an adult erector set! YOU VAN DO IT!

Check out the video below to get a look inside our build process and learn why this engineer couple decided not to DIY their camper van.

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