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"My grandfather had a love for RVs, vans, and outdoor adventure and my father had the exact same love. We never took a vacation that wasn't in an adventure van, conversion van, or an RV of some sort. That's where the passion started." - Brent Kline

Vandoit is a brand owned by Kline Van and Specialty Rental both which evolved from Kline Motors, started by Woodrow Wilson Kline in 1947 selling the brand of Kaiser Frazier. Vans and RVs have always been a part of the Kline Companies. Kline Van, has up-fitted passenger vans for companies for years. Vandoit evolved from our existing van company to meet the demand of the adventure van and the van-life movement.

Woody loved vehicles and he loved RV’s and Camper vans more. This love of camper vans was passed down to his son Woodrow F. Kline, (Fritz) who remained in the van and RV business. Fritz’s son Brent, the owner of Kline Van and Specialty Rentals and their brand Vandoit it, says that he doesn’t recall a time that his family didn’t have a camper van, an RV or a converted commercial bus ready for adventure. “We didn’t fly anywhere…we drove a camper” states younger Kline. In fact, Fritz converted an old Gray Hound bus into a camper so the entire family…and extended family including that of the elder Woodrow Wilson Kline, could take a trip together out to Oregon and the rest of the West Coast. “I was about 5, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I also remember losing my rubber ducky on that trip,” stated Kline. In high school, Brent drove a conversion van as his first vehicle at age 16…LUCKY!

In addition to cars, campers, vans and RV’s, Brent was fortunate enough to grow up in the outdoor power sports and sporting goods business where they sold motorcycles, three-wheelers, bicycles, guns, fishing equipment, water sports equipment, climbing and hiking equipment and just about anything a young boy could ever want. It is easy to see why all of these experiences have converged into the new camper/adventure van… Vandoit. Today, Brent’s son-in-law, both daughters, both sons, wife, brother in law, stepbrother and nephew are all involved with the Business. In addition to that Kline states “most of the rest of the Vandoit it team has been with me for over 20 years and so they are family too…our Vandoit it family!” Kline Van sells and leases hundreds of vans per year through its retail division and its rental division

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