When the product works like it should, every adventure is enjoyable.

Introducing the first assembly-based camper van.

RVIA Certified

Ford QVM

NHTSA Certified

Your Vandoit Product Will Be…

3. Multipurpose

Brought to you by lasers, CNC machines, waterjets and more.


1. Quality & Durability Focused

By utilizing durable products such as high grade aluminum, bolts, and marine-grade materials, while at the same time maintaining the quality of our assembly with a 400+ point checklist, your van will have fewer malfunctions and increased quality. We field test every product before utilizing it, so you can enjoy every adventure, knowing your van is built to last.

2. Serviceable

The complex systems of every Vandoit are installed in the same assembly line fashion, which allows our team of customer support experts to proactively create educational resources, answer service tickets, and schedule calls and appointments for you when needed, so you can travel with confidence.

3. Multipurpose

Your van is built on a passenger van, which gives the ability for your van to be a camper van, passenger van, cargo van, or all of the above, all while maintaining warranties. Additionally, all Vandoit accessories are adjustable modules that can be moved and secured in an infinite number of ways. 

Don’t you hate it when a getaway weekend–meant to be enjoyable–turns into a stressful nightmare? We do too!


You’ve maybe read this 10 times by now, but what the HECK does it mean? We thought you would never ask. Just like any vehicle assembly line, repetition is key. It is the key to maintaining quality, durability, cutting costs of your van, and most important, reliability. As such, the first 30% of every van is built the same way. This, paired with our thoughtfully crafted 300+ point checklist, allows each van to run through testing to find and fix any flaws before pickup day. Lastly, this allows us to bulk order product and employ CNC machines, water jets, and lasers to cut our product. This allows 1/100 of an inch variance in each cut while at the same time cutting labor costs.
Maintaining quality of your van also extends to the chassis itself. This is why your van will be built on a Ford T-350 Transit. Built off the F-150, the best selling truck for the last 45 years, platform parts are readily available, inexpensive, and easily serviceable. And access to over 3000 Ford dealerships nationwide doesn’t hurt either. Even with the Vandoit upfit, your Ford warranty stays intact. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention, Transits are the only van that pass the same safety requirements as a minivan…so there’s that peace of mind, too!



The majority of the population has NO idea how an engine works. And to purchase a vehicle, you shouldn’t have to. Likewise, you shouldn’t have to know about an electrical system to buy a recreational vehicle. So here is what you need to know: Deutsch connectors – Instead of soldering each connection, which takes more labor, allows for more error, and can rattle loose, your van utilizes Deutsch connectors. These connectors have simple male and female ends to plug together. This allows for a mass production of harnesses, which cuts costs and makes your van more easily serviceable. It also may be worth mentioning each of these wires is then color coded and labeled. On top of this, we use the same metal wiring so corrosion never has to be on your mind. The system is designed so we can take care of malfunctions for you.
Putting a solid structure inside a vibrating vehicle will always cause rattles. We don’t claim your van will be rattle-free, but the internal frame of your van was constructed using the steps needed to eliminate them. Many traditional RVs utilize screws, which have threads. Threads work for structures standing still, but they are a recipe for disaster in a moving van. Instead, your van employs bolts which have a backing that can be re-tightened without stripping the product. This allows you to quickly and easily eliminate a rattle by simply checking a bolt.

Minimal Rattling

Marine Grade

We know, we know. You love the aesthetic of wood. We do too, but not at the cost of keeping things easy. The fact is, wood expands and contracts, bends and twists, moves and morphs with moisture. Surprisingly, this happens less because of spills, but more due to geographic changes and elevation differences. Because of this, all products in the Vandoit upfit are water resistant.
Anyone who has had to perform maintenance on a traditional RV will appreciate this one: To avoid horror stories with water, a large permanent tank is simply not something we would do to you. Rather, we use multiple 6 gallon jerry cans. The water system also comes with a removable hot water tank that quickly disconnects via PEX fittings–this way, you don’t have to stress about winterizing a 20+ gallon tank half filled sloshing around (YUCK!) This also means you can disperse the weight of the water throughout the van. This means you can fill up anywhere. This means no hose hookup is required. This means it’s easily serviceable. This means…well yeah you get it…your van is simple so you can be in control, stress free, and enjoy every single adventure.


Over 30,000 hours building vans + more than 750 successful van pickups + $2 million research and design


Our Team

While we do everything we can to maintain quality. The fact is our product is a human assembled product. Because of this, we never claim the vans will be without any flaws. Our full time team of customer support experts is here to troubleshoot issues, send warranty parts, create resources, answer service tickets, and answer general questions about Vanlife!


Since the first 30% of every van is built the same way, your van is mass produced with the others. This cuts cost, but also allows us to build a quality van, efficiently troubleshoot any issues that arise, and send warranty parts no matter what van you get.


Being built off the F-150 platform, Ford Transit parts are readily available, inexpensive, and easily serviceable. Over 3000 Ford dealerships nationwide doesn’t hurt either.


Enjoy Every Day’s Adventure.