DO Model

Work one day, adventure the next

The DO

Price Range From $109,600 - 142,600+

“DO Anything — literally!” The Vandoit DO Model boasts a range of exceptional features, but its signature offering is the open floor plan and the Murphy-Style Bed platform that can be raised and lowered as well as moved and removed. These platforms can be utilized for sleeping or can be set to a height to be utilized as a desk. One day your van is a camper and the next day you can fold up or remove the bed and your van can be used to haul all of your gear.


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The DO Bed System and Platforms

Murphy-Style Bed

The Murphy-style bed system allows for platforms to be set to any height, bunked, removed, or folded away. They attach to one side of the van with a simple mount. Suspend and level the bed platforms using ratchet straps to sleep multiple people, or fold them out of the way to create ample cargo space. This bed style is ideal for those who want to camp on weekends and haul work gear during the week.

Desk Kit

Work from the road utilizing this desk kit. The wall extrusion allows you to mount monitors to expand your working capabilities. The desk is made up of a single folding platform with an aluminum panel top and an extrusion perimeter. The dimensions of the platform are 64 inches long by 18 inches deep.

Choose Your Electrical System

Whether you are a road tripper, a weekender, or running an office off-grid for multiple days, we have multiple electrical systems to suit your needs. We have an AGM system that is great for weekend warriors and lithium power systems for adventurers with greater power needs.

Stage 1 Electrical Package

Our Stage 1 electrical system is a great fit if you have simpler power needs. With  300 amp hours of AGM battery storage and a 1500-watt inverter, this is a great option for the minimalist traveler. If you plan to just stay somewhere for a night or two, or primarily stay at campgrounds, this is a good fit. You can power your fridge, vent fan, and furnace for a full night without worry and then recharge your system off of the alternator by driving the van the next day.

Stage 2 Electrical Package

Stage 2 gives you the ability to stay off-grid longer, or run your air conditioner off-grid for a full night. With 460 amp hours of battery storage and a 2000-watt inverter, Stage 2 gives you more confidence in using higher-drawing devices. This package gives you more capability to power things like your water heater, microwave, air fryer, hair dryer, or induction cooktop. 

Choose Your Water System

22 Gallon Water System

This water system stores 22 gallons of water, contains a built-in electric hot water tank with a hot/cold water mixer, and provides two quick-disconnect locations in the van. It is removable to provide extra storage space or for winterization. Travel for days off-grid without thinking twice about your water supply.

Portable Water System with 6 Gallon Jerry Can

Position this water system in various places throughout the van and plug it into a wall outlet for power. The water source is a 6-gallon jerry can that is easy to refill. On-demand hot water ties directly into the system and can be turned on and off via a remote. A 15 ft coil hose and a spray nozzle are included. Hooking up to a Kitchen Pod or Sink Module is simple. The water system can be removed from the van for winterization or to free up cargo space.

10-Gallon Water Tank

The stationary 10-gallon water tank adds 10 gallons of stationary water storage to the existing 6-gallon removable tank. The tank can be filled up via a garden hose at the rear or use the 6-gallon tank to reverse fill the 10-gallon tank.

Confidence Off-Road

Introducing our 3-stage suspension upgrades to elevate your off-road experience and instill confidence in every adventure. With a range of options tailored to suit your individual needs, you’ll be equipped to explore any terrain with ease and precision. 

Suspension Upgrades

Stage 1: Offers a seamless transition from city streets to trailheads, providing increased ground clearance and added load support for those occasional off-road excursions. 

Stage 2: Designed for the avid adventure seeker, this stage is focused on improved ride comfort and performance in diverse environments.

Stage 3: For those extended trips off-road, this upgrade delivers uncompromising support and reliability, granting you the confidence to tackle rougher terrains longer.

*Quigley QLift upgrade is available via a third-party vendor. This upgrade does not negatively impact the Vandoit warranty.

Upfit Materials

Marine Grade Materials

All materials in your upfit are marine grade. Vandoit does not use wood because of its vulnerability to absorb moisture and odor, and it’s liable to warp, break, separate, or squeak over time and miles. Instead, we use materials like aluminum extrusion and vinyl flooring that are easy to clean and won’t crack or discolor.  Travel in confidence knowing your upfit will withstand even the toughest of adventures.

Interior Shower

Interior Shower

If you’ve had an outdoor shower in the snow or other elements, you know it’s the fastest shower of your life. Now you can shower inside your van with luxurious warm water. The French drain design of the shower floor channels the water quickly away into a gray water tank underneath your van. The drain holes also double as a mounting system for your bikes or any other gear you have. Remove the shower flooring for easy clean out of drains. Vandoit recommends pairing the Indoor Shower with the 22 Gallon Water System.

Roof Racks

Vandoit Roof Rack

This roof rack is made from aluminum T-Track, which makes mounting an awning, paddle boards, storage boxes, snowboard, skis, surfboards, or even a roof-top cargo carrier incredibly easy. Add a Vandoit Roof Rack Platform for stargazing, photography, and ease of access to roof-mounted gear and solar panels. Just like every piece of track inside your van, the roof has modular capabilities to keep up with your adventures.

Exterior Lighting

Exterior Light Bars

These light bars can be mounted on all four sides of the van. With enough lumens to light up your campsite and the trail beyond, these light bars have you covered on all four sides. These bars can be angled 180° to shine light on your bike to make repairs, your midnight s’mores, or to watch your dogs run and get some energy out before crawling into bed.

Driver And Passenger Swivel

Driver And Passenger Swivel​

Space is a premium in any campervan, and the swivel seat feature can help optimize every square inch. When the seats are swiveled, it creates a more open layout, which makes it easy to move around inside the van–a key advantage for meal prep or when dressing and packing for a hike. Turn driving space into living space with the turn of a seat.


Overhead Storage

The 30-inch hanging cabinets attach to the ceiling rails. You can slide them up and down the rail system and have multiple cabinets on each side of the van. These cabinets keep your things easy to access when you need them and out of the way when you don’t. Choose from a variety of bungee colors to match your vibe and keep your items secure. 

Galley and Storage Modules

Pick the modules you like best to keep all your belongings neatly organized and safely stored while also creating the ideal kitchen setup. Move these marine grade modules to multiple locations in the van to create a variety of setups that match your needs. Mix and match drawers with cubbies every weekend depending on what you need to store and how many are traveling with you. They are simple to take out when not needed to free up floor space, and they’re sure to last the test of time and grime!

Recommended DO Layouts

Long Chassis

  • Due to 3rd-row seating overlapping with bed platforms, Vandoit recommends the following layouts for the best user experience.

Seating/Sleeping 1-2

- Layout 1
- Layout 2
- Layout 3

Seating/Sleeping 3-4

- Layout 1
- Layout 2

Seating/Sleeping 5

- Layout 1

Extended Length Chassis

  • With more space between 3rd-row seating and the bed platforms, the EL allows almost any configuration.

Seating/Sleeping 1-2

- Layout 1
- Layout 2
- Layout 3

Seating/Sleeping 3-5

- Layout 1
- Layout 2

Seating/Sleeping 6-8

- Layout 1

*The latest DO model design does not include the floor grid extruded aluminum you see in these photos. 

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