Window Tint

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Window Tint Options
  • Vandoit campervans not only prioritize style but also incorporate advanced tinting technologies to enhance performance. The carbon and ceramic tints exemplify the fusion of aesthetics and functionality in your vanlife journey.

  • Driver and Passenger Window Tint: Carbon Tint for Driver and Passenger Windows: Elevate your campervan’s style with a carbon tint option for the driver and passenger windows, providing a sleek and modern aesthetic. This tint is available in 35%*.

    *Please note that 35% is the legal limit for window tint in Missouri. Our commitment to both style and compliance ensures that your Vandoit campervan not only reflects your taste but also adheres to the regulations of the road.

  • Ceramic Tint for Full Windshield: Opt for the full windshield tint in ceramic, offering advanced technology for superior sun protection and clarity. At 70%, the ceramic tint ensures a clear view of the road while effectively blocking glare and harmful UV rays.

  • Carbon Tint for Brow: The brow tint is available in a carbon tint with a 5% shade. Available with or without the full windshield tint, this styling choice enhances the overall look of your campervan.