Shower Pan With Floor Drain System

  • The floor drain system contains a series of French drains leading to gray water storage under the van. This gives you the ability to shower inside the van. The shower pan covers the cargo area underneath the bed allowing for flexibility on where you store gear vs. where you shower.

  • Since the shower pan will be the full cargo area, this doubles as storage for wet gear and allows the water to run off the gear and out of the van or be collected in the optional gray tank under the van.

  • The flooring is removable for easy clean out of drains.

          *Includes under-chassis gray water tank

  • Gray water tank collects water from both the shower, and a connection point at the front of the living area for your kitchen.

          *Rear shower not compatible with Gear Slide

Vandoit Shower Stall
  • Shower stall with ability to attach inside the van, outside the van between the doors, or wherever you see fit.