Vinyl Wrap

Why Vinyl Wrap?

  • Experience temperature control, as the vinyl acts as a shield against the elements. Different colors of vinyl wrap can play a significant role in managing the interior temperature of your van. Darker colors may absorb more sunlight, helping to keep the interior warm in colder weather, while lighter colors may reflect sunlight, aiding in temperature regulation during hot days. This added benefit enhances the overall comfort within your campervan, making it an even more enjoyable space.

  • The vinyl wrap also offers a level of protection to your van’s paint from road debris and weathering, ensuring it stays vibrant and pristine for years to come.

  • You can utilize the vinyl wrap as a promotional tool for your business, turning your campervan into a mobile advertisement. Express your unique identity and promote your brand with a custom-designed vinyl wrap that not only sets your campervan apart but also serves as a moving canvas to showcase your business logo, contact information, and services.

1/4 Wrap
  • Elevate your road trip experience with our 1/4 wrap, offering a choice between window perfs, stylish wrap on the hood and rear doors, or the bottom 1/4 portion of the van. 
1/2 Wrap
  • To extend the design below the windows and encompass the hood and rear doors, opt for a half wrap.
3/4 Wrap
  • Our 3/4 wrap covers the bottom of the chassis up to and including the windows, even adding a touch to the driver and passenger doors.
Full Wrap
  • For the ultimate statement, go for the Full Wrap, turning your entire van into a canvas of your choice.