6-Gallon Removable Tank with On-Demand Water Pump

  • Can be positioned in various places in the van and connected to your sink. Just plug into a wall outlet for power. The water source is a 6-gallon jerry can. 15-ft coil hose and spray nozzle included.

Electric Hot Water Heater

  • On-demand hot water with a holding tank that ties directly into the water system

  • Offers hot water at all locations for water hookup/use

  • With AGM battery System, Requires Shore Power hook-up

  • Can run off of lithium battery system (other features inside the van directly impact the length of time the hot water will run off of lithium)

  • Hot water remote turn-off switch: Easily turn the hot water tank on and off from a switch at the front of the van, rather than needing to walk to the hot water unit.

10-Gallon Water Tank

  • Stationary 10-gallon water tank that allows an additional 10 gallons of storage to be added to the existing 6-gallon removable tank.

  • Either fill up via garden hose at the rear or use the 6-gallon tank to reverse fill the 10-gallon tank.

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