Leap of Faith On A Campervan

A Leap of Faith On A Campervan That Met All Of Our Needs

In 2017, after a successful cycling race season, my wife Christie Tracy and I decided to fully embrace the professional cycling lifestyle. We wanted a van that would suit our needs and allow us to travel the country while providing all the necessary amenities. However, our search for the perfect van quickly became discouraging due to high prices and the quality of materials used in most van builds.

Luckily, Christie stumbled upon a website called www.Vandoit.com, which turned out to be a small family-owned custom van build company located in Blue Springs, MO. We were amazed by the custom builds and engineering concepts showcased on their website and felt like we had finally found the van of our dreams.

In late 2017, Christie reached out to Vandoit (formerly “VanDoIt”) for more information, and to our surprise, the CEO at the time, Mr. Brent Kline, personally called us to discuss their products. We expected the typical sales pitch, but instead, we had a genuine conversation with someone who understood our needs and shared our passion for cycling. From that moment on, we felt like we were part of the Vandoit family, not just customers, and we took a leap of faith by placing our trust in the company to build our dream van.

Our First Vandoit

Leap of Faith On A Campervan

Our first Vandoit van was the 2018 LIV model, which was their first-generation design and included all the features and amenities we desired. In April 2018, we were off to the races with our dream van. The LIV model perfectly suited our needs for traveling to races across the country and serving as an onsite race day support vehicle.

One of the standout features was the use of aluminum extrusion as the skeleton system, which allowed us to easily mount and repurpose various equipment without damaging the van’s structure. As Vandoit gained popularity within the van community, their chief engineer, Jared McCauslin, began implementing modifications and improvements to their designs. These updates included a lithium power system, Espar heater, kitchen pod, hot water, DC air conditioning, and so much more.

Although our first-generation van had met all our needs without any mechanical issues, Jared recommended updating our LIV model in 2019. The simple addition of the Espar heater and some electrical component upgrades in this new van made all the difference.

Our Second Van

Leap of Faith On A Campervan

In 2021, we collaborated with Vandoit on our next van build, incorporating Jared’s new designs and concepts. We are now proudly traveling around the country in our second Vandoit van, sharing our passion and promoting the unique platforms offered by the company. We have been amazed at how rapidly Vandoit has grown in just a few years. Despite their increasing popularity and demand, they have maintained their commitment to treating customers like family. This level of personalized care and attention is often lost as companies expand, but Vandoit has remained true to its core values. We are grateful for the family-like atmosphere and the exceptional service we have received from Vandoit since we took that leap of faith back in 2017.

In conclusion, our journey with Vandoit has been nothing short of extraordinary. From the initial leap of faith to finding the van of our dreams, we have experienced the passion and dedication of a family-owned company that genuinely cares about its customers. Vandoit’s custom van builds and innovative designs have exceeded our expectations and allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the on-the-road professional cycling lifestyle. We are proud to be part of the Vandoit family and look forward to many more adventures on the road with our custom-built van.

Jamie & Christie Tracy

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