Campervan Storage Modules

Endless Storage Configurations for Your Vandoit Campervan

Two Words Sum Up The New Vandoit Galley & Storage Modules: Game Changer!  

Having owned a Vandoit for several years, my first Vandoit was a GO, the precursor to the LIV model. A primary difference between the GO and the LIV is that the GO model has an electronics cabinet just behind the slider door, which functions as a step up to the queen bed and as a seat or table.  As the cabinet took up some of the living space, storage had to be under the bed in the cabinets on the driver and passenger sides of the van.  As you can imagine, that’s a lot of crawling under the bed to get to your gear.

Fast Foward To 2022, And Vandoit Now Offers These Incredible Galley & Storage Modules

 It took some time to offer this option, as Vandoit does not rush to provide new components without extensive research, prototyping, and user feedback.  When something becomes an actual van component, it has been thoroughly vetted.  We were fortunate to be some of the first to use these new modules in our Vandoit so we could provide feedback to the Research & Development team.  

Endless Campervan Storage

One of the best features–and perhaps the most challenging choices to make–is deciding on which modules to use in your van and how to configure them.  In my opinion, the best way to decide on your module setup is to start with the base unit and work your way up.  We went with the triple drawer base, and not only is it great for storage, it is so quiet.  You won’t hear the drawers move around, nor do they open up when traveling.  Just keep in mind that what you put in the drawer can make noise, so I line the drawers with a rubber shelf liner like this one shown to the below. Depending on the length of the trip and the time of year, we use the drawers to store both clothing and food.  My top drawer is my ‘junk’ drawer which I use for food storage bags, scissors, and a wine opener ( a must!).


The Storage Modules Help Maximize Your Floor Space

We also use the slide-out storage cabinet, which is a great option for having the dry-flush toilet or small Dometic cooler handy when you need it, and sliding it out of the way when you don’t.  And since it’s rated to hold over 500 pounds, I don’t even have to think about what I load onto the slide-out tray.

Working our way up the module configuration, the module tops are a great way to add more storage without taking up much space, and the choices are great: You can add another drawer, an open cubby, or a sink.  The sink is a great option for creating a full kitchen setup, especially when it is next to other module tops that provide counter space for food prep and serving.  The cubby is ideal for storing and grabbing items we use frequently, like towels, a basket of cooking utensils, and cleaning supplies.

Storage Module Tops

The Combinations For These Modules Are Endless And Reconfigurable. 

If your trip includes more than two people, for instance, one or more of the modules can come out and the seats go in.  Detaching the base modules from the mounting hardware on the floor track is simple, but moving them can sometimes be a two-person job–just something to keep in mind if you are considering using these in your van.  Detaching the top modules is just a matter of removing four bolts.  When my husband and I are planning a long trip for just the two of us (and our dog, Peanut!) we like to max out the galley to create lots of storage and tons of counter space.  The long counter is ideal for food prep and for our mobile office.

A shorter trip might call for the sink and some drawers, or the sink with a dry-flush toilet on the slide-out tray. Most of the time we stay with our maxed-out galley setup. However, if we are traveling with people vs. camping, we can take out all or some of these cabinets to provide room for people.  The modules really articulate what Vandoit is all about: Modularity.  What do you need for your adventure?  Put it in, take it out, or leave it be.  Check out all of the Galley & Storage Modules–plus the Vandoit kitchen pod–here!

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