Outshine Road Tour

Vandoit Pick up Day! Outshine Road Tour

The long-awaited van pick-up day is finally here! We’ve been preparing for this moment for months and it feels so surreal to be standing at Vandoit, staring at our new home on wheels. Say hello to Stardust, our rolling residence for the next 6 months.

Van pick-up day was March 23. We were blown away by the beautiful van wrap, all the features in the new MOOV model we’ll be living in, and with the customer service we received by the entire crew at Vandoit!

The Wrap

First, the van wrap! We are absolutely in love with this van wrap and are so grateful to the talented Desiree Pillsbury Design for turning our vision into a beautiful and dreamy design! In honor of the design and our journey, we have nicknamed the van Stardust.

Outshine Road Tour
Outshine Road Tour

Great Customer Service

Second, Vandoit rolled out the red carpet for us again, just like they did 3 years ago when we picked up the Outshine van. They are the epitome of customer service through and through! It’s greatly appreciated when you end up spending the whole day at the warehouse learning about all the features of their newest model – the MOOV, which will be our rolling residence for the next 6 months!\

The Best Features

Lastly, this beautiful rig is loaded with all the best features!

We’re beyond excited for all the adventures Stardust will take us on as we cruise the country on our Nomad Be Happy road tour! We’ll be posting our route soon and hope you’ll follow along as we transform from home life to van life for 6 months!

Drop a comment and let us know what you think of the new van wrap and the features of Vandoit’s newest model – the MOOV!

LINK TO PHOTOS: https://photos.app.goo.gl/7qMnhx57vpHeenT26