Transit Trail Moov

Transit Trail Moov Package Core Features

Electrical System

The electrical system is comprised of a 2000 watt inverter, a mac-50 dc to dc charge to allow charging from the alternator, a victron smartsolar mppt solar controller, and a mastervolt 1250 lithium battery with 100 amp hour capacity.

Bed Platform & Storage Walls

Custom cut and machined walls with a bed platform in the middle that include storage and attachment options for both the DO and LIV model buildouts. Walls finished off with a variety of easy to clean finishes.

All Wheel Drive

The Ford Transit Trail comes factory with all-wheel drive. Also, a large number of Vandoit builds are built on the standard Transit with all-wheel drive.

Custom cut and machined walls that include storage and attachment options for both the DO and LIV model buildouts. Walls finished off with a variety of easy to clean finishes.

Insulation installed on walls, ceiling, and flooring. Air gap barrier to increase insulation factor by separating two layers of insulation inside the wall.

Custom cut machined ceiling panels with integrated lighting options.

Custom fitted subfloor to increase standing and kneeling comfort. Custom cut and trimmed floor finishing that includes additional insulation and durability.

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Moov Photo Gallery 🐮

Check out the all new 2023 Ford Transit Trail up-fitted by Vandoit.

Transit Trail “Scary Stuff and creative canvas”

On the new Transit Trail, Ford has “created a canvas and done the scary stuff”, while letting the buyer use their creativity to make the interior exactly what they want. As stated in our website for years, Vandoit is the friend for the DIY minded person. Now, in conjunction with the Transit Trail, it gets even better! Vandoit can do the rest of the scary stuff (even scarier stuff) and at the same time give the buyer additional endless options (additional creative canvas) for more easily creating the exact interior you need for your adventure (called life.) We have been in lockstep with Fords “remove the scary, create a canvas” approach and we love the collaboration with Ford! As a multi-purpose van, should your needs change from time to time, our modular system allows you to make additions, subtractions, or simply move components as needed to continue to be creative by changing your interior to meet whatever need you have.

3000 Ford dealers down by the river or near the trail

Transit Trail… We love the name, the van and what it’s all about! TRAIL, what an exciting version of the Transit van. The Transit Trail is created with the idea and capability of being at a trail in the middle of nowhere or down by the river! With 3000 Ford dealers, there will be a dealer near THAT trail head in the middle of nowhere. That is over 10 times more service locations than its closest competitor, which are located only in largely populated areas.


Vandoit MOOV camper van builds on the new AWD Ford Transit Trail

If you hadn’t seen it, Ford introduced the Transit Trail recently, with factory upgrades that give it a more off-pavement capable spec that seems purpose-built for the Vanlife crowd. And, now, Vandoit is offering a new model on that chassis, giving you overland-ready option without having to modify the suspension or upsize the tires yourself.

VanDOit ‘Moov’ Builds on Adventure-Ready Ford Transit Trail

VanDOit’s one-stop-shop model for custom campervans started with two base models that carried purpose-driven one-word names: the LIV and the DO.

What’s next? Fittingly, the Moov. 

Vandoit Moov Camper Highlights the Ford Transit Trail's Outlanding Capabilities

Ford Pro unveiled the 2023 Transit Trail Van recently with factory upgrades that make it a perfect base for an overland camper. And now, Blue Springs, Missouri-based Vandoit, a professional van conversion company, has introduced a new model based on that chassis to make it easy for vanlifers to get the camper that best suits their needs, without all the hassle of DIY.

Want to live in a van down by the river? Ford has a new vehicle for that

If you’re not already familiar with Vandoit, it’s a professional van conversion company that specializes in a T-track skeleton and marine-grade modules that fit into popular vans and allow a customizable, modular rig set-up.

Vandoit MOOV Camper Van builds on the new AWD Ford Transit Trail

If you haven’t seen it, Ford recently introduced the Transit Trail, with factory upgrades giving it a more off-pavement-capable spec that seems built specifically for the vanlife crowd. And now Vandoit offers a new model on this chassis that gives you an overland ready option without having to change the suspension or increase the size of the tires themselves.