Rear Door Accessories

Driver Aluminess Rear Door Ladder With Tire Mount
  • 5th KO2 with AWD Ultra Rim 

  • Carry a full-size spare that’s easy to access in emergencies.

  • The ladder is ideal for accessing the roof rack platform and items stored on the roof rack, as well as inspecting rooftop components.

Aluminess Passenger Rear Door Deluxe Box

*Includes framing and box

  • Frontloader Mounting Plate – Gives you the ability to mount BackPACK accessories on the door of the Deluxe Box

  • Deluxe Box Adjustable Shelf – Mount at various heights inside the Deluxe Box
Aluminess Rear Door BackPACK
  • 5 lb Propane Tank Holder – Empty propane tank included

  • Rig’d Fold Down Table – Give yourself an outdoor table for food prep, a camp stove, or sorting gear.

  • Rotopax Mounting Plate

  • Expo PRO Kit – DMOS Shovel and Fiskars Axe
Prime Design Rear Door Ladder
  • An innovative solution for effortless access to your van roof. Our rear door access ladder ensures easy and secure retrieval of stored items, all while prioritizing safety. Crafted from lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum, this ladder is built to withstand the test of time.