The Vandoit kitchen is a modular system to suit all of your needs. We offer a simple kitchen pod that includes a sink, slide drawer, and a fold-leaf.

If you need additional storage you can utilize the storage modules where you can mix and match between drawers, sink tops,  cubbies, and slide-out storage cabinets.

All of these components work in tandem with tables and fridges to give you the perfect campervan kitchen setup.

Kitchen Pod

Removable Kitchen Pod with Sink

  • Includes Kitchen Pod Frame, Sink with Faucet

Storage Modules

Pick a Top. Pick a Base.

Storage Modules: Drawers, cubbies, and slide-out trays. Each of these storage solutions are made of marine grade material for longevity, eliminating concerns about expansion or contraction due to varying moisture conditions on your adventures. These modules are perfect for storing utensils, groceries, and organizing gear.


Each drawer has push-to-lock drawer slides, attached with secure bolts and nylon nuts, and secured with a simple HDPE latch that prevents , resisting the risk of drawers from rattling loose or popping open while driving.


 For added versatility, explore our module cubbies, enclosed with a bungee cord to keep your items securely in place. The bungee maintains the ease of seeing and grabbing your items at a moment’s notice. 

Slide Outs

The slide-out tray comes in two size options: single and double-wide. The tray slides out for easy access to your fridge, toilet, jerry cans, etc. and locks in place when stowed so items do not move during transit. When the module is properly secured, the slide holds 500+ lb.

Directions: Combine any top with any base module, or stack two bases on top of one another! Driver wall can fit two full modules side by side.

Top Modules

Single Sink Module

19"W X 21”D X 8”H

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Single Drawer Module

19"W X 21”D X 8”H

Single Cubby Module

19"W X 21”D X 8”H

Half Shelf Top

19"W X 10" D X 9.5" H 

Bottom Modules

Triple Drawer Base

19"W X 21”D X 27”H

Slide-Out Storage Cabinet

19"W X 21”D X 27”H

Three Cubby Base

19"W X 21”D X 27”H

Double Wide Slide-Out Storage Cabinet​

38"W X 21”D X 27”H

Build Yours


Fold Leaf Table

  • Height adjustable extension table can mount to the side of the Kitchen Pod. 

Lagun Pivot Table

  • Constructed of heavy anodized aluminum, and swivels 360 degrees from two different locations. Easily locks down by turning the hand locks, and it is ready for use or travel.

*Mount by swivel seat included. For mounting by the jump seat, extra mount must be purchased.

Drawer Dividers

  • A set of easy-to-clean bins keeps items in the drawer organized and easy to find.

  • The first set of dividers is included with the purchase of the module.

  • Additional dividers are available for purchase.

*Bin style and material may vary.


Dometic CFX3 25 Portable Refrigerator

  • Portable fridge/freezer, 42-can capacity. Runs off AC and DC power.

*Fits perfectly in the Slide-Out Storage Cabinet.

Dometic CFX3 55IM Portable Refrigerator

  • Portable fridge/freezer, 72-can capacity. Runs off AC and DC power. Ice Tray

*Fits in Double Wide Slide-Out Storage Cabinet with space for additional items.

Dometic CFX3 75DZ with dual zone

  • Portable fridge & freezer, 113 can capacity. Runs off AC and DC power.

  • Dual-zone operation to be able to separate your frozen from your beverages. 

*Fits perfectly in the Double Wide Slide-Out Storage Cabinet.

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