Bed System

Drawbridge Style Bed System

  • Drawbridge Bed – The drawbridge bed consists of two platforms affixed to either side of the van. The platforms fold down and create one full size bed platform. Sleeping side-to-side saves space within the main living area of your van, opens up front-to-back walking and storage space in the van, and makes using the all-new Indoor Shower easy and convenient.

  • Window Flares with Sliding Window Openings –Extend sleeping space from 72 inches to 76 inches

Murphy Style Bed System

  • Murphy Style Bed System – This bed system allows for numerous sleeping arrangements and optimum modularity. The bed platforms can be set to any height, bunked, removed, or folded away. They attach to one side of the van with a simple mount, then are suspended and leveled using ratchet straps.

  • Double Folding Full Platform – Double folding platform can be folded once and stowed away against side of van. With it folded out once, room for one person to sleep is perfect. Unfold it a second time, and it gives you full size sleeping capacity.

Powered Hydraulic Bed Package

  • Powered Hydraulic Bed – The queen size hydraulic bed raises and lowers using four hydraulic actuators powered by an electric motor. Adjust the height to create more sleeping space above or cargo space below while keeping the van’s interior configured just the way you like it. Fold back a 12 inch leaf on the front of the bed to expand your living space.


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