Vinyl Flooring

  • Withstands years of heavy use. Provides a waterproof barrier and is slip resistant. Protects floor from deterioration. Resists oil, battery acid, brake fluid, mud, salt, antifreeze & other common chemicals. Insulates, reduces noise and hides imperfections in the sub-floor. Holds up in extreme temperature and weather conditions. Cushions for anti-fatigue comfort

Color Options

  • Diamond Plated Gray or Black
  • Coin Pattern Gray

Premium Wood Grain Flooring

  • Ultra-Durable Polyvinyl – Handles the heaviest traffic and will not crack, flake, chip, rot or peel
  • Superb Moisture Protection – Seamless and impermeable solid polyvinyl; water cannot penetrate the floor
  • UV Stable – Protects from harmful sun rays; holds color long-termquick and easy clean up 
  • non-porous surface allows for easy cleanup of salts, oils, and gas without harsh scrubbing


  • Weathered Gray Woodgrain
  • Distressed Brown Woodgrain