New 2023 Highroof DO

Chassis Description


STOCK: 41111


UPFIT YEAR- May 2023



LENGTH: Long (Standard Length)

MODEL PACKAGE: XL (XL with some XLT options)


COLOR: Avalanche

ENGINE: 3.5 NON Ecoboost

DRIVETRAIN: All Wheel Drive

*Optional Exterior Components/Layouts

Non standard options:

$8,000 rebate included in chassis adjustment for Non-Ecoboost engine.

Extended Fuel Tank, 4″ Screen with adaptive cruise.

*Staging material is not included in build price

New Chassis Benefits

  • Optional Ally Major Guard Chassis Warranty with a matching Vandoit upfit warranty

  • Access to Vandoit owners’ exclusive events and opportunities

  • Full, in-person walkthrough of your van with a Vandoit team member

  • Conventional and RV financing available to help you with your financial needs.

  • Full access to support via the Vandoit Customer Relations Team

  • Full van walkthrough manual and associated video tutorials

  • Trade-in’s welcomed! We take cars, trucks, SUVs, RV’s…but also motorcycles, bicycles, computers, TVs and more! Whether they are paid off or you still owe on them, we’ll make it easy for you. Take Advantage of this amazing tool to build equity in your future Vandoit!

*Please note that all New Vandoits fall under Ford’s 3 year/36,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty

Included Options


  • Shore Power – exterior power hookup for campground, generator, or outlet power. Supplies external power to your power system inside the vehicle.

  • Three Position Rocker Switch Control – Built to resist corrosion and abuse, located at the driver seat, sliding door and rear door. Offers switching of most DC controlled features inside and outside the van. Accent Lighting, Cargo Lighting, Can Lighting, Exterior Lighting, Stereo Controls, and Water system all controlled by these 3 positioned rocker switches.

  • AGM 300 Amp Hour Power System – AGM power system offers the ability of running small to medium sized components inside the van for a moderate period of time. Using standard equipment throughout the van that includes lighting, radio, tv, and moderate use of the AC 110 outlets will last you an estimated 24 – 36 hours before need of solar charging or shore power.

  • Off-Grid Smart Solar

    • Ground Solar Plug / with solar controller – Solar Weatherproof SAE Socket Sidewall Port. Allows easy hookup of any portable solar panel with a SAE Connector

    • Upgraded MPPT Solar Controller –The MPPT controller is a more sophisticated and that will adjust its input voltage to harvest the maximum power from the solar array and then transform this power to supply the varying voltage requirement of the battery plus load.

    • 200 Watt Roof Mounted Solar –2, 100 watt solar panels mounted to roof rails or rack. 200 total watts of solar works great as a “trickle charger” to the power system. 200 watts works great to help with residual loss on the power system, but more is needed if you are wanting to be able to maintain the power usage of a fridge or small appliance.

    • 200 Watt Additional Roof Mounted Solar –2, 100 watt solar panels mounted to roof rails or rack

Interior Lighting

  • Ceiling Can Lighting – 8 additional white lights to bed platform and seating area. 

  • Cargo Lighting – adds additional white light to the cargo area. 

  • Ice Blue Accent Lighting – adds colored lighting for mood lighting inside the vehicle. 

Heating & Cooling

Air Vent

  • Dual MaxxFan Deluxe Complete Ventilation System -High powered 10 speed intake and exhaust fan. With the lid closed, the Maxxfan will still operate to circulate air inside your van. Electronic lid opening. Rain shield.


  • The Espar Airtronic B4 – Extremely effective and efficient gasoline fueled air heater. Taps into the vehicle’s gasoline tank.


  • Ceiling Insulation – Moisture and mold resistant Insulation used in the space industry

  • Floor Insulation – Moisture and mold resistant Insulation used in the space industry

Exterior Accessories

  • Rear Overhead Work Light – LED light that shines down from roof rack onto the area directly behind van.

  • Passenger Side Overhead Work Light – LED light that shines down from roof rack onto the area on the passenger side of the van. Light is positioned under the awning and will reflect on the awning whenever deployed

  • Roof Rails –Rails to allow tie down points for different styles of racks, mounts, etc.

  • Rail Cross Bars –Add support and structure to be able to attach roof top features. Multiple can be added

  • BF Goodrich KO2 – All Terrain Tire Upgrade

Interior Finishings

  • Vinyl Flooring –Withstands years of heavy use. Provides a waterproof barrier and is slip resistant. Protects floor from deterioration. Resists oil, battery acid, brake fluid, mud, salt, antifreeze & other common chemicals. Insulates, reduces noise and hides imperfections in the sub-floor. Holds up in extreme temperature and weather conditions. Cushions for anti-fatigue comfort.

  • Swivel Passenger Front Seat –Allows the passenger seat to turn around facing the back of the van

  • Double Folding Bed Platform

  • Front Bulk Head Shelf

Condition Report


    • Chassis exterior condition shows standard wear and tear for the age and mileage of the chassis. 


    • Chassis interior condition shows standard wear and tear for the age and mileage of the chassis.


    • VDI exterior condition shows standard wear and tear for the age and mileage of the chassis.


    • VDI interior condition shows standard wear and tear for the age and mileage of the chassis. 

Upfit Accessories


  • Galley & Storage Modules 

    • Tops

      • Single Drawer Module (x2) – Drawer top constructed of metal materials for longevity. You do not have to worry about drawers expanding or contracting with moisture. Soft close drawer slides are attached via bolts with a nylon nut to resist rattling loose drawers. Great for utensils, groceries, and other gear.

      • Single Cubby Module (x2) –This open space module comes with bungee front closure to keep items visible and easily accessible, yet safely in place during transit.

      • Single Sink Module – Stowable sink top with hot and cold water for washing hands, brushing teeth, cooking, or doing dishes. Bungee front closure allows for storage of extra items under/next to sink.

      • Half-Top Shelf – Small but easily accessible hutch-style storage that mounts on top of a Galley & Storage Base module and still allows plenty of work space on the top surface. Bungees keep items in place during transit.

  • Dometic CFX28 Portable Refrigerator – Portable fridge/freezer, 42 can capacity. Runs off AC and DC power

Floor Grid Inserts

  • Floor Grid Inserts –These inserts fit perfectly in between the floor bars / grid, making your floor flush. Black Rino Lining finish, making the floor inserts easy to clean and durable.


  • Double Folding – Full Platform –Double folding platform can be folded once and stowed away against side of van. With it folded out once, room for one person to sleep is perfect. Unfold it a second time, and it gives you full sleeping capacity.

  • Single Folding – Single Platform – Single Folding platform can be folded out or stowed away against side of van. Gives room for sleeping for one


  • 30-Inch Hanging Cabinet – Hangs from Ceiling Cargo Rails. Can be slid, removed with ease. 3 fit down each side of van.

  • Storage Bulk Head – Fabric (partition) – A fabric wall that partitions the front driver and passenger seating from the rear of the van. Has a built-in doorway that is magnetic as well as a reinforced zipper. Attached to the framing of the van with turn buckles or drop in attachments for easy removal. Framing added around the curtain to offer ease to remove and install.

Thermal Curtains

  • Passenger Thermal Curtain with Pockets – Complete Set – Offers thermal protection from windows while also giving you storage options. 10 total pockets used for storage. Installed with Velcro

Add-On Accessories


  • Fire Extinguisher – Stored behind passenger seat

  • Carbon Monoxide & Propane Monitor – The Safe-T-Alert 35 Series Dual Propane/Carbon Monoxide Alarm detects both gas leaks and carbon monoxide gas simultaneously. This alarm is built for extreme RV environments.

Tools & Hardware

  • Shore Power Cable – A heavy-duty, 30-foot, 14-gauge extension cord allows you to charge your van’s battery system and run high-wattage devices; rated for 15 amps.

  • Metric T-handle Allen Wrench Set – Includes 4mm, 5mm, 6mm sizes, which allows you to tighten every bolt in the van. Ball end allows you to approach at a 22.5-degree angle to tighten and loosen in hard-to-reach areas. Make it part of your bike maintenance kit, too!

  • Roll-In Hardware Kit – Kit Includes: 10 M8 bolts and washers; 10 M6 bolts and washers; 40 series M8 turn in nuts; 40 series M6 turn-in nuts; 25 series M6 turn-ins; extra fuses


  • Ratcheting Paper Towel Holder – This paper towel holder’s ratchet system and resistance mean the paper roll will not roll over at will. Made of stainless steel, which is waterproof, moisture-proof, and corrosion-resistant.


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