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The Christensens

Our Favorite Activities


Skiing and Mountain Biking


Boating and hiking


Skiing and biking with daddy


Technical & Customer Support


Co-Owner & CEO


Customer Relations Specialist

Why Did We Choose Vandoit?

Tyler spent countless hours researching every company that built vans from all across the country. So many things set Vandoit above the rest! Here are a few things that sold us:


They had seating and sleeping arrangements inside that would fit our whole family, for both winter and summer situations.

Marine Grade Materials

We didn’t want anything built out of wood. We love having the marine grade
material on the inside, especially during winter and ski trips.

Best Value

Overall less expensive than other companies without sacrificing quality.

Van Build

We wanted a vehicle that forced us to be outside more. We didn’t want a Class
C or any type of RV, because we wanted to still feel like we were camping, but
without sleeping on the ground, and our van is the perfect fit for what we were
looking for!


The modular build allows for easy adjustments to accommodate different activities or trips, such as converting it for two people or transforming it into a space for hauling items by simply removing chairs and setting up beds. It can adapt to our needs whenever necessary.

Great Reputation

We were highly impressed by all of the great reviews on the van build experience, and customer service from current owners. We wanted to be a part of the Vandoit family and we are so grateful we did, because now our family got a whole lot bigger!