Incubate + Develop + Entrepreneurs + Accelerate + Services

Our goal: To incubate or accelerate entrepreneurship and public services–big or small–through mobile applications utilizing Vandoit multipurpose modular vans.

What is I.D.E.A.S.?

As an incubator, Vandoit will provide a van with an interior built to suit your needs as a business. Whether it’s refrigerated storage space for cosmetics, a desk for packaging sweatshirts, an oven to bake dog treats, or anywhere in between, there is a van to support your mission.

With the IDEAS program, the van provided will support your business by giving you mobility tools that will help you create unique ways to spread brand awareness, sell product, or complete services. With the support of a Vandoit van your business or organization will be able to go places it could not otherwise go.

Vandoit sees the power in supporting entrepreneurs because of your potential to transform your community from the ground up.

To best serve you, we have created a product that is modular, allowing a small space to remain dynamic and transformable, and one that is durable, made of marine grade materials that will stand the test of time and grime.

How I apply?

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Why Vandoit?

  • Vandoit is a brand owned by Kline Van and Specialty Rental. Kline Van evolved from Kline Motors, started by Woodrow Wilson Kline in 1947. Kline Van has upfitted passenger vans for companies for years as a natural extension of the business. Out of Kline Van, Vandoit was born to meet the demands of the adventure van and the van-life movement.

  • Vandoit used to partner with many social causes and still do for various events and campaigns, but eventually the team came to the conclusion of what truly can transform a business: mobility.

  • The IDEAS Program is our commitment to bringing up businesses and supporting them as they accelerate their missions to greater places through the use of our modular, multipurpose, marine-grade vans.


Will participating in this program cost me anything?

The IDEAS program offers a range of financial assistance based upon need. The merits of your application may dictate free use for a period of time, but we assuredly offer in- house financing for any payment for van use.

What kind of businesses and organizations participate in the ideas program?

All businesses and organizations that will benefit from utilizing a van participate in this program. Ex. Mobile Dog Groomer, Florist, Ski Rental, Personal Trainer, Disaster Relief Support, Media and Production Teams, and Catering/Food Vendors.

How long will I have my van?

Vandoit is looking to support IDEAS participants with a short team van loan or lease. The length of your loan or lease will be determined upon acceptance.

How much can I customize my van?

All of Vandoit’s commercial vans start with the same blueprint, but you can choose from many customization options in order to make the vehicle unique to you and your business/organization. Your van can even include a custom vinyl wrap that advertises the products/services you provide and your partnership with Vandoit!

What is the deadline to apply?

Vandoit’s goal is to open up 3 or more application windows per year, depending on the volume and demands of applications.  Check this web page frequently for upcoming application deadlines.

What is the turnaround time to get my van/the whole process?

Once you apply, you should expect an application status update within 10 business days. If your application is accepted, an interview will be scheduled between yourself and the IDEAS team. Once the interview has concluded, you will receive a response/proposal from our team within four weeks.