Portable Water System With 6 Gallon Jerry Can

  • Position this water system in various places throughout the van and plug into a wall outlet for power.

  • The water source is a 6 gallon jerry can that is easy to refill.

  • On-demand hot water ties directly into the system and can be turned on and off via a remote.

  • A 15 ft coil hose and a spray nozzle are included.

  • Hooking up to a Kitchen Pod or Sink Module is simple.

  • The water system can be removed from the van altogether for winterization or to free up cargo space.

*Hot water can be added

22 Gallon Stationary Water System With Heater

  • This water system stores 22 gallons of water, contains a built-in electric hot water tank with a hot/cold water mixer, and provides two quick-disconnect locations in the van. 

  • It is removable to provide extra storage space or for winterization. 

  • Travel for days off-grid without thinking twice about your water supply.

Shower Pan With Floor Drain System

  • The floor drain system contains a series of French drains leading to gray water storage under the van. This gives you the ability to shower inside the van. The shower pan covers the cargo area underneath the bed allowing for flexibility on where you store gear vs. where you shower.

  • Since the shower pan will be the full cargo area, this doubles as storage for wet gear and allows the water to run off the gear and out of the van or be collected in the optional gray tank under the van.

  • The flooring is removable for easy clean out of drains.

*Includes under-chassis gray water tank

  • Gray water tank collects water from both the shower, and a connection point at the front of the living area for your kitchen.

*Not compatible with Gear Slide