Highroof - LIV


Year: 2020
Make: Ford
Model: Transit T350 XLT
Color: Magnetic Silver
Roof Height: High Roof
Engine: 3.7 Ti-VCT V6 Engine
Mileage: 120
Stock: #40424

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Air Conditioning

  • High Efficiency Roof Air Conditioner without Heat Pump 

Air Vent

  •  MaxxFan Deluxe Complete Ventilation System

    • The Maxxfan Deluxe is the only complete ventilation system that incorporates a vent, fan, and rain shield in a single ALL IN ONE unit.

    • High powered 10 speed intake and exhaust fan. With the lid closed, the Maxxfan will still operate to circulate air inside your van. Electronic lid opening. Rain shield.​​


  • Factory Audio​​


  • 10 ft Thule Hideaway Crank Awning

    • ​Easy, one person operation with hand crank and awning supporting
      tension arms

    • 10 ft length with 8 ft projection​​


  • Shore Power Hookup 

    • Exterior Power Hookup for Campground, Generator, or Outlet Power 

    • Required for Air Conditioner installs and installs including A.C. power without 2000 watt inverter 

  • Three Position Rocker Switch Control 

    • Built to resist corrosion and abuse, located at the driver seat, sliding door, rear door. 

  • Lithium 400 Amp Hour Power System

    • Lithium Ion is the battery technology of today. Do you want to be the fastest or best performing? Do you want to save energy or burn less fuel? Do you want your investment to last longest? Do you want to be ‘out there’ longest without getting anxious about your energy? Then Lithium Ion is your choice of batteries. Lithium Ion batteries have a high energy density, offering savings of up to 70 % in volume and weight compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. They are perfect for cyclic applications, making over 2000 cycles with very deep (80 %) discharges, effectively storing 5 times as much energy over its lifespan compared to lead-acid.

    • Features of System:

      • Mastervolt inverter/charger combinations integrate a powerful battery charger, a quiet and efficient inverter and a versatile switching system in one robust, lightweight and compact device. This multi-faceted product offers a carefree power supply for recreational and professional use. 

      • If you require more power than the grid or generator can provide, the Mastervolt Combi series will make up the shortfall by inverting from the battery. The Combi also ensures that the battery is recharged once the peak demand has passed.

      • The inverter is quiet, clean and efficient, and offers the full capacity even in extreme ambient temperatures. Pure sine wave energy and a peak capacity of 200 % guarantee a problem-free start, even for the heaviest loads. 2,000 watt continuous power.

      • The built-in battery charger uses Mastervolt’s proven 3-step+ charging technology to allow the optimal charging of all battery types, including our advanced Lithium Ion models. The battery charger supplies a maximum charge current, even with a higher charge voltage, and speeds up the complete recharging of your batteries.

  • ​​200 Watt Roof Mounted Solar

    • ​2, 100 watt solar panels mounted to roof rails or rack


  • Vinyl Flooring

    • that is tough and easily cleaned 

    • Premium Wood Grain Flooring

      • Color: Weathered Gray Woodgrain​


  • Bed Lift Platform 

    • Hydraulic, height-adjustable queen/king size platform for sleeping, hauling, etc 

  • ​Folding Leaf for Bed Lift Platform

    • ​Allows the ability to fold the section of the upper / bed Lift platform out of the way for the third row seat passengers

  • Customizable Storage Boxes 

    • Sturdy cabinets on both sides of van that are made out of T- Track to allow you to add hooks, mounts, cargo netting, etc 

  • Gear Slide 

    • Heavy Duty platform for safely sliding cargo in and out of the vehicle. Doubles as a bunk bed as well. 750 pound capacity, evenly distributed. 

  • Ceiling Cargo Rails 

    • T-Track rails lining the ceiling for hanging cabinets, cargo hammocks, hanging gear, etc .


  • The Espar Airtronic B4

    • ​Extremely effective and efficient gasoline fueled air heater. Taps into the vehicle’s gasoline tank


  • Ceiling Insulation

    • Moisture and Mold Resistant Insulation used in the space industry 

  • Floor Insulation

    • Moisture and Mold Resistant Insulation used in the space industry​​

Lighting – Interior

  • Ceiling Can Lighting

    •  8 additional white lights to Bed Platform and Seating Area. 

  • Cargo Lighting

    • Adds additional white light to the Cargo Area. 

  • Accent Lighting 

    • COLOR: Off White

Lighting – Exterior

  • Front 52″ Light Bar

    • *Purchase of Roof Rack Required

  • ​Rear Overhead Work Light

    • ​LED light that shines down from roof rack onto the area directly behind van

  • ​Driver Side Overhead Work Light

    • ​LED light that shines down from the roof rack onto the area on the driver side of the van​​

Roof Rack

  • Roof Rails

    • ​Rails to allow tie down points for different styles of racks, mounts, etc. 

  • ​12 ft Vandoit Roof Rack

    • ​12 foot platform rack is made from aluminum T-Track, which makes mounting paddle boards, bikes, storage boxes, etc. incredibly easy

Swivel Passenger Seat

  • Allows the passenger seat to turn around facing the back of the van 

Tires & Wheels

  • Ultra Toil Rims 

  • BF Goodrich KO2 – All Terrain Tire 


  • 6 Gallon Removable Tank with On Demand Water Pump 

    • 15 Ft coil hose and nozzle included 

  • ​Hot Water

    • ​On Demand Hot Water with Holding Tank that ties directly into water system. Offers hot water at all locations for water hookup / use.

​​Removable Leather Seating

  • Front Driver and Passenger Seats


  • Upper Platform Queen Mattress 

Platform Inserts

  • Upper Platform Inserts 

    • These inserts fit perfectly in between the horizontal T-Track platform bars, making the platform flush, easily cleaned, and much more durable 

  • Lower Platform Inserts 

    • These inserts fit perfectly in between the horizontal T-Track platform bars, making the platform flush, easily cleaned, and much more durable 


  • Slider Door Screen

    • Magnetic Bug screen for the slider door opening. 

  • Rear Door Screen

    • Magnetic Bug screen for the slider door opening.  ​​


  • 3.5L EcoBoost V6 Engine

Roof Height

  • High Roof

Tow Package

  • 2020 Trailer Brake Controller with Module

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