Introducing the All-New VanDOit "LIV" - built on the Ford Transit

In conjunction with the release of the all-new 2020 AWD Ford Transit, VanDOit has created a new model of their own– introducing the all-new “LIV” which will be offered in conjunction with the existing “DO” model.

The emphasis of the all-new LIV is its functionality as a multipurpose van, which includes adventuring, camping, passenger hauling and doing all types of business. The greatest asset of the LIV is the modularity and transformable nature. This allows an owner to utilize the LIV in multipurpose ways, and gives the possibility of replacing several vehicles.

The technology of off-grid solar, perpetual hot water inside or outside shower, removable kitchen pod, removable cabinets, dry flush no-smell waste technology, high efficiency air conditioner, multiple heat sources and more open floor plan options give the LIV its transformable nature. This allows an owner to “LIV” in the van comfortably for any length of time, or transform it to meet the needs of the day, whether it be business or adventure.

The new LIV model is similar to the original “GO” model, in that the floor plan has a garage space (or first level bunk) with a convenient “gear slide” and a Queen/King size hydraulic bed lift on the second level. However, the LIV has the ability of converting to more open space and has the following component and option additions:

  • A folding leaf on the hydraulic Queen/King size bed lift, allowing for more “LIV” space and headroom for the third row of passenger seating without having to raise the bed
  • Battery bank system extended by 50 amp hours

  • Removal option of the mid-van electronics box (which can act as a step or bench)

  • Rear side cabinet electronic system with battery bank (instead of inside the passenger sliding door) creating more LIV space

  • VanDOit’s EverShower (indoor/outdoor hot shower)

  • Portable hot water system

  • Wood grain-style marine grade flooring, cabinetry and gear slide

  • Now available with 8 passenger removable seating

  • Lithium battery auto vehicle start charging system (coming first quarter 2020)

  • External, foldable, portable solar expansion panels and port

  • Flush mounted solar panels with increased 390 charging watts on the exclusive VanDOit “easy-mount roof rack”

  • Vented front driver and passenger side windows

  • Low profile high efficiency air conditioner that can operate off the battery and charging system

  • Dual air vents

  • Eye level switch, cooling and heat controls

  • Multi-location audio controls

  • Thule Hideaway mechanical awning

  • Galley kitchen (optional) with overhead hanging cabinets, wall cabinets (optional) and upright refrigerator (optional) (Removable kitchen pod and refrigerator still available)

The LIV equipment level hits the “sweet spot” for families and adventurers due to its modular nature and functionality. The all-new LIV price range is from $59,800-$108,800. Pricing range includes the van and options installed by VanDOit. VanDOit accepts trade-in’s on any vehicles and offers conventional auto & RV financing.

The main feature of the LIV is the garage space with the gear slide and hydraulic bed lift. With a large stroke of upward and downward movement, the bed platform can change height positions based on cargo needs. The bed platform now has a folding leaf that allows for third-row passenger headroom without needing to raise the platform. With the electronics system now moved to the rear of the van, the LIV allows up to 8-passenger seating.

Both the VanDOit LIV and DO models are built completely with marine grade material, utilizing a tracking system for easily mounting components and gear. Both models will now have marine grade wood finishes available for the flooring and component surfaces.

Ford recently shipped a 2020 Transit AWD prototype to VanDOit for testing, measuring and planning for future build-outs.

“While Ford was creating the new Transit, we were busy creating the new LIV,” said VanDOit CEO, Brent Kline. “We created so many options and made so many changes to the GO that we decided to change the name of the GO to better describe the virtues of the van. We are really excited for all that the 2020 Transit is going to offer, such as the AWD, additional safety features and swivel seats. Just as Ford is introducing improvements to the Transit, we are excited about the synergy of making innovations and introducing new options and technology with our brand new LIV model.”

The all-new LIV is now available for order with a 7-month wait-time for pickup due to the success of the original GO and DO vans. However, built-out inventory units are periodically released for sale at reduced prices.

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